Anime Birthday Party How To Make The Best Home Plans?

Throwing a birthday party using an anime theme is the latest trend and most people love this anime themed birthday party. Furthermore, kids who love cartoons and animations, just love this anime theme for their birthday parties. In this article, let us discuss how to throw the best anime birthday party at your home.

1. Planning The Party:

Make And Send Birthday Invitations:

For the first time at an anime birthday party, you need to prepare and send birthday invitations to all close friends and relatives. Then, you need to go for anime-themed invitations which you will get online by searching ‘anime birthday invitations.’ 

Another way is designing the invitations yourself. For that, you need to search templates online by typing ‘printable anime cards.’ To make the invitation looks more interesting, you can do some cool stationery work. This is how you need to make and send birthday invitations to your people.

Buy Or Design A Birthday Costume:

The next step of planning involves designing the birthday costume. Now, you need to choose any of your favorite and popular anime characters. To imitate the anime character, you need to buy accessories that the anime character will have in the play. 

For instance, the popular male anime characters that you can choose include

  • L
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Edward ELRIC

If you go for choosing Kakashi, you need to wear a headband, a vest, and a spiky gray wig to imitate the character.

Coming to the popular female anime characters that you can choose include,

  • Asuna
  • Akame
  • Mirajane Strauss

Prepare Music Playlists:

Based on the anime character that you choose in your invitation and for costumes, you can check the anime songs for the same online. In addition to that, you can get more anime songs online and prepare a playlist using such songs. Furthermore, to create a good music effect, set up speakers and use the Smart TV to play the songs using the internet. But at the time of cutting the cake, ensure that you play the best birthday songs on the speaker or TV.

2. Preparing Food For The Birthday Party:

Order Or Make Main And Side Dishes:

If you are planning a big anime birthday party, it is better to order food out rather than prepare it at home. So, you can choose any cuisine and go for ordering that particular cuisine like Oriental or Continental Cuisines. If you don’t like specific cuisine, you can order some of the main dishes like

  • Salmon
  • Teriyaki meat
  • Chicken stir fry or beef
  • Toasted sesame seed sauce
  • Vegetables

Additionally, to fulfill the hungry of the guests, you can also order some appetizers or side dishes like

  • Sushi
  • Fried rice
  • Soups
  • Dessert
  • Fried shrimp with dipping sauces

However, if you have a Japanese restaurant near you, you can simply order your food there for the best experience.

Anime Birthday Cake:

One of the best anime birthday party ideas is cutting the best-designed anime birthday cake. You can order the cake that contains the Cartoon Anime-themed edible cake topper under the birthday cake. Your birthday cake should attract the guests and hence, go for ordering the customized anime birthday cake. In addition, you can even go for the steps of cake to serve a large number of guests.

Serve Beverages:

Soon after the guests enter the anime birthday party hall, you need to serve them the best beverages. You should go for serving non-alcoholic beverages in case of a birthday party. But for an adult party, you can serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Some best beverages you can serve include,

  • Green tea
  • Soy milk
  • Japanese sodas
  • Cherry blossom tea
  • Any fresh juices

3. Decorations For The Anime Party:

Buy Birthday Supplies Online:

The crucial step in arranging the anime party is the anime party decorations. You need to decorate in such a way that should indicate the anime theme of the birthday party. You can buy anime-themed birthday party supplies from online stores where you have many more options than local stores.

For instance, if you go for buying Danghe Japanese Anime Birthday Party supplies, you will get everything in one package. Such package includes birthday banners, cake toppers, cupcake toppers, anime balloons, etc. Thus, you don’t have to search and buy things separately. Moreover, ordering this package of birthday supplies is the best option to decorate the anime birthday party.

Use Photo Frames To Put Anime:

Firstly, visit the nearby craft store to buy a dozen of photo frames. You can also use the photo frames present at your home but take out the original photos from such frames. Secondly, visit the nearby printing shop and get the prints of several anime images. 

Finally, you can put these prints into the photo frames and place them around the birthday party area. It will add a much more anime look to the birthday party. Never miss this easy step of anime party decorations.

Hang Paper Lanterns:

At the birthday party, you need to hang some colorful paper lanterns to deliver a scintillating look. In addition to the balloons that hang around the party area, you need to use paper lanterns to deliver a good look. You can order a few paper lanterns online to use at the birthday party.

4.  Enjoying The Birthday Party:

To make the anime birthday party much more special, you can contest some games among guests and kids. In the invitation itself, you can mention dress costumes to attend the contest. Some of the interesting games that you can conduct at a birthday party include playing 

  • Anime video games
  • Trivia
  • Card games
  • Costume contest show

Furthermore, buy some gift prizes to distribute them to the winners to make the party much more interesting. So, with these anime birthday party ideas, your guests will remember the party for their whole lifetime.


In conclusion, these were the helpful steps that you can make use of to arrange a big anime-themed birthday party at your home. All the above ideas will save you money a lot and thus, you can go through them for knowing interesting facts.


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