Areola reduction surgery 

The areolas are the pigmented areas around the nipples. It varies in size, colour and shape and many people have large areolas, which is perfectly normal. Some even have different sized areolas in each nipple. If you feel uncomfortable and insecure about the areola size, then areola reduction surgery is possible. It is a simple procedure where the surgeon operates to reduce the size of the diameter of the areolas. The surgery can be done with other surgeries like breast lift, breast reduction, or breast augmentation. Here you can know all about areola reduction surgery, how much areola reduction costs, breast reduction surgery side effects and more.

What is areola? 

The areola is used to describe the pigmented area on the breast that surrounds the nipple. The areola is florid or dusky in colour and dark in most people. Mostly the colour of the areola is determined by the natural skin pigmentation of a man or woman. But even though the areola is present in both men and women, the breast anatomy of men and women is different. 

The female breasts have milk ducts and tissues that aid in breastfeeding. On the other hand, the male breasts do not have a function. The visible parts of the anatomy of breasts are the nipples and the areola. Also, the areolae have glands called Montgomery’s glands that work to secrete lubricating oil. This oil offers protection to the nipple and the skin from chafing during breastfeeding.

Who are suitable for areola reduction surgery? 

Areola reduction surgery is an option for men or women who want to reduce their areola’s size or may also want to correct it. But this procedure can only work well if you have lost a good amount of weight. Then this will make the areola stretched, and it will be easy for the surgeon to operate on it. It also works for women whose breast starts to sag after breastfeeding their baby. Other candidates who can undergo Areola reduction surgery are puffy or protruding areolas. Some people may have asymmetrical areolas. So they choose the surgery to rectify the size of one areola to match the other one. 

For women, areola reduction surgery must not be done until the breasts have fully grown. It usually happens in the late teens or early twenties. The males going through the adolescent stage can undergo surgery at an earlier age. But they have to consult a surgeon to talk about it and check whether they are eligible to undergo surgery.

How much does areola reduction cost? 

The cost of the areola reduction surgery may depend on various factors. One thing that determines the expense of the surgery is geographic location. The cost will be great in some places, while in other places where areola surgery is most common, the cost will be less. The type of surgery is also the main determining factor. If you also plan to get a breast lift and areola reduction surgery, the cost will be higher. But if you are only planning to undergo areola reduction surgery, the cost will be less. It can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.

Altogether areola reduction surgery is a type of cosmetic procedure, and it is not covered by insurance. You may have to pay for it with the money you have. But some clinics offer monthly payment plans too. So the people who cannot afford the treatment can also benefit from it.

What are breast reduction surgery side effects? 

Everybody has to know if there are breast reduction side effects if they have planned to undergo areola reduction surgery. The reputed surgeons will take care to perform everything safely. Here are some of the complications some may experience after the surgery. 

  • Loss of sensation 

At the time of areola reduction surgery, the doctors may leave the centre of the nipple in place to lessen the risk of sensation loss. As a result, you may experience a loss of sensation temporarily. But only in rare cases it is permanent. 

  • Inability to breastfeed 

After the surgeon removes the piece of the areola, there is a risk of damage to the milk ducts. This is only a rare complication. 

  • Scarring 

The severity of the scarring may vary depending on the type of surgery. Sometimes, there will be scars around the edge of the areola due to the surgery. After some months, the scars will fade away. They become light, so you will not be able to notice them. 

  • Infection 

You can lessen the risk of infection by following the surgeon’s advice. They will offer you some after-care medications or external lotions. You have to follow it carefully and should not forget to do it.

How can you prepare for the surgery? 

Areola reduction surgery has become common in many places because men and women prefer to have their areolas rectified or reduced to increase their self-esteem. You can expect the surgeon to do the following things during the appointment. 

  • They will examine your breasts and areola. 
  • They listen to your concerns and also your expectations after the surgery. 
  • The surgeon will show you the surgical options available to reduce the areola. 
  • Then, inquire about your complete medical history, the current medications you are taking, and any current illnesses. 

After this process, the surgeon will decide whether you are eligible for areola reduction surgery. They will also share the risks and the places that can experience scarring with you. Further, they will also help you to make your expectations realistic. But they will give you a clear idea of how your breast will look after the surgery. 

The clinic will offer you the instructions after the consultation if you are ready for surgery. 

  • Ask you to avoid taking certain medications like aspirin and ibuprofen a week before the surgery date. 
  • Arrange time off for the procedure and tell you the time you have to recover. 
  • Make arrangements for a ride to and after the procedure for you. 
  • If general anaesthesia is used, they will ask you to fast the day of the surgery. 
  • On the day of surgery, you may be required to shower with surgical soap.
  • You may have to avoid applying makeup on the day of surgery. 
  • You have to wear loose-fitting clothes on the day of surgery. They will take off the jewellery pieces from you on the day of surgery.

What happens during the areola reduction surgery? 

The areola reduction surgery is a simple cosmetic procedure and will be over within an hour. The surgery will take place in the clinic or at the local hospital. 

After you arrive, the nurse will do the following. 

  • They will ask you to change into a hospital gown. You may have to remove the bra, but you can wear your undergarments. 
  • Check your blood pressure. 
  • Then they check your heart rate and confirm if you have fasted or not. They will insert an intravenous line, and you will be given medication to go to sleep. 
  •  These are the important points you have to know about areola reduction surgery. If you have a different sized areola or large areola, you can talk with a well-known cosmetic surgeon to take care of the issue.


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