Bidets are the pipe, shower, or washbasin near the toilet’s closet, which one uses to wash and clean after using the restroom. You must be confused which bidet converter kit to select? And, in European and Asian countries, people use bidets to clean themselves. America, the United Kingdom, and other Western countries use less hygienic toilet paper. Traditional bidets are available in tub shape. Therefore, the use of ceramic and porcelain with a tap attached to them is perfect to use as a washbasin. Later, the shape is reduced to a pipe, then hand shower, and now bidet converter kits are commonly used.

We have to cut a lot of trees to make a roll of toilet paper, and it becomes scarce in Pandemic and war-like situations and leads to infection and diseases to us and our surroundings. But, bidets use water for cleaning, and shower bidets lead to saving a lot of water.

The common Bidet Converter Kit is also called washlets or Japanese toilets. And it originates from Europe, and it is an excellent replacement for toilet paper. Therefore, it is a better way of hygiene, and you feel comfortable. In addition, it uses a spray of water to clean yourself and remove excess matter. And, Bidet convertible kits are the most affordable and excellent method for hygiene and safety. Moreover, they are easy to install, convenient, and have better toilet paper replacement.

Below are some of the bidet converter kit used by eastern and European countries that is affordable and comfortable sitting seats with some products is as follows:

Electronic bidet toilet seats

This wireless controlling bidet converter kit device works with a simple touch of a button. It has a two-sided wireless remote control with a wide range of functions. For example, it has the dry cycle mode and child wash mode, which helps our children wash themselves. In addition, it comes with a wireless remote, dual nozzle warm air dryer, night light, and adjustable pressure with a soft closing seat.

  • TOTO Washlet electronic Bidet

Another type of bidet converter kit called Edit converter kit is a powerful bidet with water spray. But it is gentle in pumping water. And this kit comes with a high-tech electronic seat, neutralizing the seat water spray, adjustable water, and dual-action spray.

  • Hand-held Bidet 

This type of bidet is in the shape of a pipe. And it has a nozzle-like shower that can use for cleaning the seats, with less water with a pipe attached. In addition, we can open and close them after usage.

  • Freestanding Bidet

This is the traditional type of bidet. It fills with water which rises to the surface. And, you will see it in one place beside the toilet seat, having a large size, with a low sink.

  • Built-in build Bidet

This is the toilet that is equipped with a built-in bidet. In addition, this automatically has a vertical stream of water and dispenses water directly to the closet using a flush.

  • Warm water Bidet

A warm water bidet can be built-in, freestanding, or have a sprayer attachment. And, warm water attaches to a hot water pipe, which is warmer from the bottom.

  • Portable travel Bidets

They use portable bidets for travelling and adventure trips. It has a bidet front wash suitable for individual travelling having a spray function.

  • Spray or Handheld bidets

This is a common bidet in houses and apartments with a spraying pipe, and the hose connects and consumes less water will be clean and hygienic for use. But, the cost is less and readily available bidets. In addition, it has flexibility in the flow of water and is affordable in use.

  • Bidet Attachments

It is a standard device that American households use. And it is like a machine that attaches to the toilet used with one press of a button, and it is environment friendly and has temperature and water control according to the user.

  • The C3®-230 bidet toilet seat:  

It is an elongated bidet toilet, which brings you the freshness of personal cleansing. It offers the service in a slim, low-profile design made to fit most elongated toilets and make the use easy and comfortable. It is a slim seat that gives a sleek design and looks which can be adjusted as per personal preferences. The front and rear washing system make it easy to use. You can set the water temperature, sanitize automatically, and air dry easily. There is an inbuilt illumination system attached which gives light to the bowl. Inbuilt heaters provide regular warm water to the user.


We tried to explain the importance of bidets; Detachable bidets are common as toilet bidet converter kit. They are an alternative for paper rolls, but you should maintain and clean the bathroom. Otherwise, they can cause infection in your sensitive parts and cause significant diseases.

Some bidets have an In-line heater that provides continuously heated water for consistent comfort. Front and rear wash modes provide warm water for cleansing. 

Most people don’t realize that there are many types of bidet before shopping for one. It all depends on the features you want, your budget, and the space in your bathroom. There are affordable and straightforward bidet models out there like Tushy Bidet, which only takes 10 minutes to install. It fits all standard toilets and requires no electricity to operate. 

The modern fuss-free design includes a self-cleaning nozzle and a pressure and angle control knob to help you get a more comfortable and fresh feeling.

Bidets can be a great alternative to toilet paper. But that doesn’t mean that there are no drawbacks or risks associated with using them. Bidets are decidedly not for everyone. And if you have a weakened immune system, you might want to wait a bit before trying one out.

The bidets can cause a dramatic change in the environment and are very cost-effective. It is environmentally friendly because they need less water. And you don’t have to cut many trees for making paper rolls. Hence, many people like them, and it is cost-effective. In addition, in the future, bidets may replace toilet paper all over the world.


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