Brad Castleberry – The Complete Profile Of Bodybuilder

Brad Castleberry is a popular bodybuilder and football player. In addition to that, he is a power lifter as well. He started his weight training at an early life itself. In this article let us discuss much more about the weight lifter, Brad Castleberry.

About His Early Life:

Brad Castleberry was born on 10th June 1989 in Canada. His zodiac sign is Gemini and he holds American nationality. He is popular for having his career in the field of bodybuilding and weight lifting. 

As already said, he started his weightlifting career at an early age. He practiced lifting weights along with his friends in his garage after coming from school. During such a period, he had

  • Small bench press set
  • Small dumbbells
  • Curl bar

But still, he never got bored of weight training regardless of his small tools. During high school, Brad got a gym membership through his mother. This made him inspired and thus he developed a great passion for weight lifting. 

The important fact is that he loved a lot to build and develop his body and he considered weight lifting as the reason to reach his path in life. At that point, he also realized that he needs to pursue an athletic career.

Bodybuilding And Football Career Of Brad Castleberry:

At the age of 19, Brad  became confident about his physique to attend the bodybuilding show. Then, he even came to know that he loves to participate on stage and mainly he loves being on stage. Thus, he decided that he would try his best to turn pro and he succeeded too. At the age of 20, he earned a Pro Card at the Muscle Mania Show.

After attending a few competitions, Brad decided to come out of his bodybuilding career. But he wanted to try his hand at a football career. Thus, somehow, he entered the football industry and attended two NFL, and then, he got a chance to compete at a Junior College Level. 

In the season 2010, he competed against the Palomar Community College football team. Almost, he competed for 4 games against them. Since he could not perform well in the football game, he decided to come out of his football career. Then, he started to focus on his previous career, weightlifting, and also on social media.

Brad Castleberry Social Media:

With the popularity of social media, Brad began to focus on such networking platforms. He started to post his weightlifting skills and efforts on social media. Then, he gained many followers on seeing his insane physique and strength. He posts most videos on Instagram and thus Brad Castleberry Instagram followers are more than millions

On his Twitter account, Brad has 100 followers. He has 800,000 followers on his Instagram and 1 Lakh followers on Facebook.

Did Brad Lift Fake Weights?

When he started posting videos with weights initially, people thought it to be true and good. But after some time, such videos became a big controversy. In Brad’s videos, he was lifting extremely heavy weights. On seeing this, some of his followers commented that they are ‘Bradly Castleberry fake weights.’ But Brad denied all such accusations of followers. He is not posting videos to impress people but simply to motivate them.

How Old Is Brad Castleberry?

Do most people doubt how old is Brad Castleberry now? Yes and he is 32 years old and going to complete his 33 years in the coming June 2022. 

Brad Castleberry Physical Appearance:

Brad Castleberry stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches. His bodyweight is unimaginable and it is around 113kgs. It is 250lbs in terms of pounds. Coming to his hair, he maintains a short hairstyle. He has attractive brown eyes.

Brad Castleberry – Personal Life:

In 2017, there was a rumor about him that he is dating a girl. Based on reports, Brad met the girl at one of the competitions he went to. Since they could not meet properly due to long distance relationship, she broke up with him. It was just five months that he dated her.

At present, he is dating a woman and she is exercising at his gym. Thus, fans keep asking him, about his relationship status. But he never responds to such questions and simply ignores them. Thus, Brad Castleberry wife is not available, as he is not married yet. Furthermore, Brad Castleberry kids are not there to mention, as he is yet to get married.

Is Brad Castleberry Natty?

Most of his fans have this doubt is Brad Castleberry natty? Yes, he developed such muscles naturally without the use of steroids. He admitted this truth in most of his interviews and even on social media to his fan followers. It is a shocking fact that he is natural in having such heavy muscles. 

Interests And Likes Of Brad Castleberry:

Brad Castleberry body builder is a great lover of animals and mainly a dog lover. He has two pit bull pets and one can see them often with him. He loves traveling a lot and he also got many chances to travel because of competitions. In most cases, he needs to travel far away to attend competitions. 

He loves to spend his time outdoors rather than staying at home. When he was outdoors, he will not get all the gym equipment for practicing. But still, he manages such indoor gyms. 

Furthermore, Brad Castleberry loves to spend his time at the beach with his pet dogs. When he feels like relaxing, he will simply visit the beach.

Net Worth:

He has a net worth of around $1 million. He earned this income through his profession as a weightlifter and also as an entrepreneur. Brad Castleberry is the owner of the company named ‘Castleberry Nutrition.’


This article gives you some useful information about the life history of Brad Castleberry. Go through the article to get interesting facts about the weightlifter.


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