Brusters Ice Cream: Everything You Need to Know

To begin with, Brusters ice cream is an American ice parlour. It is a chain of ice parlors found in the United States of America. Further, the company is famous for its ice creams. Apart from ice creams, they also sell frozen yoghurts.

Read through the article to learn more about Bruster’s ice cream. The article will include information about Bruster locations and Brusters hours of operations.

A brief history about Brusters ice creams

In the first place, Bruster’s ice cream is a famous chain of ice cream parlours’. It is located in the various states of the United States of America.  Further, it is one of the oldest ice creams chains. It began in the year 1989.

Furthermore, the Ice Cream chain was founded by Bruce Reed. The main reason behind the beginning of the ice cream parlour is his passion. As a child, he worked with his parents in a diner. Further, Bruce got his inspiration for opening an ice cream parlour by working with his parents. 

Beginning of Brusters Ice Cream parlour

As mentioned earlier in the article, the ice cream parlour began in the 1980s. Further, the founder of Brusters ice cream parlour is Bruce Reed. The first store was opened by Bruce in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, Bruce helped his parents in a diner. Working in the diner helped Bruce learn about the restaurant business. Hence, after some time he decided to start an ice cream parlour.

Bruce Reed opened the first Bruster’s ice cream parlour right next to his parent’s diner. Bruce worked with his parents in their diner named Jerry’s Curb Service. The first store was opened at Bridgewater in Pennsylvania. Further, Bridgewater is a small town in America. It is located nearly 27 miles from Pittsburg.

Furthermore, when Bruce started selling ice cream he didn’t name his store. It was called Brusters ice cream parlour after fifteen months of opening. In addition to opening an ice cream store, Bruce continued to learn about the restaurant business. He learnt the art of selling from his father. Apart from this, working from a young age helped Bruce develop marketing skills.

Soon, with hard work and dedication, he began opening multiple outlets. 

Brusters locations

As stated earlier in the article, Brusters ice cream began in a small town near Pittsburg. It was started by a young boy named Bruce Reed. Later on, with the hard work, experience and passion of the founder, it grew into a chain store. At present Bruster, ice cream is a chain of ice cream parlours in America.

Furthermore, the ice cream store is located in various states in America. But the popular locations of Bruster’s real ice cream are as follows:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. Southern California
  4. Connecticut
  5. Delaware
  6. Florida
  7. Georgia
  8. Indiana
  9. Kentucky
  10. Maryland
  11. Mississippi
  12. New Hampshire
  13. North Caroline
  14. New York
  15. New Jersey
  16. Ohio
  17. Pennsylvania
  18. South Caroline
  19. Tennessee
  20. Texas
  21. Utah
  22. Virginia

In other words, the Brusters’ ice cream parlour is located in twenty-two states. However, to find the exact location of the ice cream store visit the official website. The link to the official ice cream store is –

Apart from in the United States of America, Brusters has recently opened stores internationally. At present we can find Brusters stores in Guyana and North Korea. Guyana is a country in Africa. However, the ice cream stores headquarters remain in Bridgewater. Lastly, Bridgewater is the birthplace of an ice cream parlour.

The specialty of Brusters ice cream

When do you ask the question – what makes Brusters special? 

A simple answer to the above questions is the process of making the ice cream. Brusters make their ice cream in an old-fashioned way. Further, they still use the slow kittling process to produce the best ice creams. Apart from the method, they also specialize in flavour. It consists of 170 recipes of various ice cream flavours. Some of these ice cream flavours are seasonal. But every scoop of ice cream is handmade served in handmade cones. 

Furthermore, the ice cream served at the store is made freshly and in-house. The customers can see the process of ice cream making from the counters. Lastly, the best part of Bruster’s ice cream is the thick, creamy and fresh scoop served to every customer.

Brusters also offers milkshakes and sundaes, in addition to ice cream. The company has also started making non-dairy ice creams in addition to dairy ice cream. They serve non-dairy ice cream, in other words. These types of ice creams are made with coconut milk. Hence, if you don’t like dairy products you can still enjoy an ice cream at Bruster’s. 

Brusters reward program

Recently Bruster’s ice cream has begun a reward program. The program is simple and the details are available online. Further, the customers can also join the program online through an app. Further, Brusters issue three dollars as a joining gift. Furthermore, customers can earn rewards on every dollar spent. In addition to this, customers are eligible for special deals and offers.

Timing of Brusters ice cream parlour

Coming to the most important question – what time does Bruster’s close?

Brusters’ real ice cream parlour functions for nearly nine to ten hours a day. Bruster’s ice cream parlour has 200 locations all over America. Apart from these, they have also recently opened in two other countries. These store timings vary based on its location. However, Brusters closing time is between 9 PM to 10 PM in the United States of America. 

brusters ice cream
Brusters ice cream

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Bruster’s ice cream is a famous chain of ice cream parlours in America. Further, it consists of 200 stores in America. The stores are spread over twenty-two states in the United States of America. Furthermore, the ice store is famous for handcrafted ice cream flavours and freshness.


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