Can you massage away fat cells?

An ultrasonic body contouring procedure, ultrasonic cavitation (also known as ultrasonic lipolysis), massages away fat cells from the skin. Brand names like Liponix or Ultrashape can also be used to describe it.

Unlike liposuction, this technique does not necessitate surgery. Ultrasonic radio waves are used to break down fat cells, which are then absorbed by your lymphatic system and eliminated from your body.

Unlike ultrasound liposuction, ultrasonic cavitation does not necessitate any surgical incisions. This means that recuperation is easier.  A body sculpting machine is used to massage away the fat cells. As a result, the impact of the outcomes may be less obvious.

A perfect candidate for ultrasonic cavitation would be:

  • In good health
  • Does not smoke,
  • And is already 15 pounds away from their desired weight

To help you slim down, ultrasonic cavitation is designed to target specific areas of fat. Those who are trying to drop a lot of weight will not benefit from it.

Ultrasound cavitation has yet to be shown effective. Anecdotal research suggests that this is an effective method of reducing body fat.

Please read on to learn more about this procedure.

What is the mechanism of ultrasonic cavitation?

To disintegrate fat cells, ultrasonic cavitation is used.

Vibrations in your skin are caused by ultrasonic waves that penetrate deep into the skin’s layers. After then, fat cells break up and fall out of your skin.

After a few days, your lymphatic system breaks down the fat cells and flushes them out of your body as waste.

However, recent studies have shown encouraging results for this treatment.

According to a minor study published in 2019, Ultrasonic cavitation was tested on 50 women who were classified medically overweight by Trusted Source.

Dietary restrictions were implemented by half of the ladies, while the other half had radiofrequency and ultrasound body reshaping operations in addition to the calorie restriction.

Body fat mass decreased in the ladies who received ultrasonic cavitation for 5 weeks. Contrary to popular belief, they did not shed more body weight than the other group.

In another experiment, thirty people who received ultrasonic cavitation body contouring treatment were studied by Trusted Source in 2007.

After three treatments, fat mass was reduced in all of the participants. At the end of the research, the treated body fat area had shrunk by one to three centimeters.

Participants in this study did not lose weight, but rather fat.

After ultrasonic cavitation, what should you expect?

You should be able to stand and drive home after ultrasonic cavitation.

In most cases, patients have very minor discomfort and bruising as a result of this procedure. After the treatment, you’ll be told to drink plenty of fluids to aid in the removal of the fatty cells from your lymphatic system.

However, don’t hold your breath waiting for results. After your appointment, you may notice that your body is puffy or swollen in the immediate aftermath. Dislodged fat cells are broken down and dissolved by your body over time.

You may have to have additional treatments before you observe any changes. Within six to 12 weeks, the majority of candidates for this treatment see a final result. Typically, it takes between one and three treatments to see effects.

As long as you keep up a good diet and regular exercise, the effects of this treatment will last a lifetime. A sedentary lifestyle may cause fat to return to previously treated areas.


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