Not Everyone Deserves Your Energy – The Bliss of Silence

not everyone deserves your energy

No Answer is Your Answer Communication is an important way to connect with people. It helps to understand and exchange information, knowledge, ideas, and thoughts. This keeps us active thinkers and analyzes situations more critically. Communication should support a positive mindset and develop important skills among us. If there are blocks in communication, it hampers … Read more

Water Tattoo : Interesting Facts

1. What Does Water Tattoo Mean? When it comes to life, people can’t survive without water. Every living organism like animals, plants, and human beings are in great need of water. Similar to that, a water tattoo means the same fact. So, the water symbol tattoo represents Protection Healing Purity Peaceful Tranquility Regeneration Rebirth Soul  … Read more

Farmhouse Staircase: Some of the classic and modern décor ideas 

Farmhouse staircase themes are becoming popular these days. A staircase is a part of the farmhouse to try out some unique décor. If you are planning to redecorate your staircase there are plenty of ideas. Your staircase theme can include white shiplap, black railing, geometric style and more. Further, adding lighting, artwork, baskets and other textures … Read more