Drinking cold water generally, relieves chest pain and relaxes the body but have you ever had chest pain after drinking soda? In most people’s cases, their chest pain after drinking carbonated drinks, and for a while, they may not be able to move. However, in a few minutes the pain will go, but make one too fearful and anxious. Similarly, ever wonder why does my chest hurt when I drink soda? Is it normal to have chest pain after drinking cold water or soda? Additionally, most people will occasionally experience this discomfort, as well as a feeling that it hurts to burp. But if this is regular never hesitate to visit a doctor. As a result, a doctor can help you identify the exact cause of this soda chest pain and the best treatment.

Chest pain after drinking soda: constituents of soda drinks?

What are the contents of the soda drinks to cause chest pain after drinking soda? Soft drinks or soda drinks contain: – 

  • Firstly, carbonated water.
  • Secondly, sugar or other sweeteners.
  • Thirdly, natural or artificial flavors or a mix of both. 
  • Fourth and finally, Caffeine, colors, and preservatives often find their place in soft drinks. 

Sometimes, this soda may also contain an insignificant amount of alcohol, like 0.5% alcohol. However, drinks with higher alcohol content are alcoholic and are “hard” or alcoholic drinks. 

Why do you feel chest pain after drinking soda ?

  • The chest pain after drinking soda has many reasons which are hiding from us.
  • Similarly, the items which cause discomfort in soda are: –
  • Firstly, Dissolved carbon dioxide.
  • Secondly, acids.
  • Third, Heavy amounts of sugar.
  • Fourth and finally, consuming cold soda.
  • However, the most common reasons that cause chest pain after drinking cold water or soda are: – 
  • Firstly, Acid reflux.
  • Secondly, Heart problems.
  • Thirdly, Oesophageal spasms.
  • Fourth and finally, Digestive problems. 
  • In addition, one can thank the adding of CO2 in soda or soft drinks for causing discomfort to one’s chest.
  • However, consuming various gas in the form of soft drinks is an addition to the normal physiological origin of gas in our tummy.
  • This is as per the famous gastroenterologist at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital in Grayslake, Illinois, Aaron Cohn, MD.
  • Similarly, various gas formation in our body naturally is: –
  • Firstly, Hydrogen (H2).
  • Secondly, Carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Third and finally, methane (CH4)
  • All these gaseous formations in our gut are due to bacterial fermentation and the metabolism of food substrates.
  • However, little increase in gas in the gastrointestinal tract can cause: –
  • First, Excessive bloating.
  • Second, Feeling full.
  • Third, Cramps.
  • Fourth and finally, some people even have nausea. 
  • Says Dr. Cohn about the excessive intake of soda.
  • Similarly, he also says that one may also feel the effects in his chest, throat, stomach, and reflux.
  • Because the stomach acid is bigger with the air during belching.
  • As a result, the body’s ordinary retort is to banish surplus gas out of the body. stomach.
  • The stretching of the stomach wall of some stomachs is better than others, this is the reason for some.
  • Hence, some people experience chest pain and other symptoms.

Does drinking soda activate the acid reflex?

While contents move into the digestive tract, grating the lining of the esophagus, acid reflux occurs. Hence it is known as heartburn and it also causes other symptoms thereby pain in chest after drinking soda. However, drinking soda triggers the acid reflex continuously. Since the drink is carbonated, obviously the gas increases the pressure in the stomach. As a result, an acid reflex becomes more likely than other symptoms. 

Similarly, soda also contains a lot of sugar, and the chest hurts after drinking water with soda. Hence, too much sugar causes an overproduction of stomach acids, especially insulin resistance. Similarly, LES may relax due to sugar. Moreover, carbonated drinks are usually serving in the chilling cold. As a result, the cold can increase pressure on LES. Hence, carbonated soft drinks are the main reason for heartburn triggers. Especially, when one drinks too much soda and if drinking fast too. However, if the soda contains caffeine or alcohol, then the problem is more likely. As all of the above relaxes the LES, reflux attacks may be very common. 

Chest pain after drinking soda in a larger amount

However, chest pain after drinking soda too much also is natural. Similarly, for your general health and well-being, drinking too much is not healthy. Moreover, for your heart drinking too much is especially destructive. 

Thus, drinking too much causes chest pain after drinking water with soda will cause many complications. In the case of heart muscles, it weakens the muscles while drinking too much. That means the heart will not work normally as it was earlier or in a normal human. Hence, such a case is very dangerous for someone’s life.

Excessive alcohol consumption also increases BP, which is very risky. Hence, high BP is the first onset of a heart attack or even a stroke. As a result, it is better to eliminate alcohol for the sake of your heart. Even though, if you cannot go on without alcohol, adjust the amount of alcohol you consume.

Some of the drinks which we think may calm us or can remove our thirst can have solemn long-term costs on our body and our well-being. However, a good substitute and natural option for any drink are freshwater. Hence, make sure you take it at the right temperature. That is, never take it too cold nor too hot as it could have negative effects as well. 

Summing Up

Sodas, carbonated drinks can source all varieties of somber health problems, especially in the long term. The main problem with soda is its high sugar content. As a result, chest pain after drinking soda may cause most of the ailments and symptoms cited above. However, one may experience symptoms due to gas content or drinking cold water sometimes. Similarly, the symptoms are not serious in most cases and will disappear within a short period. The bottom line is that one can remove chest pain after drinking soda as it is of null value to your body.

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