Cindy Mahlangu age, profession, boyfriend, and child

Cindy Mahlangu is an actress from Standerton, Mpumalanga, South Africa. She played a role in Violetta Mamba in the soapie drama Scandal!. She became popular in 2018 after she got a role as Dumazile in Mzansi in the series The Herd. Now she is twenty-five years old. 

The Herd is a South African series that aired on Sunday, 08 July 2018 on Mzansi Magic. It showed lots of topics about black magic and witchcraft and how it affects a family. The actress has rich thick curly hair and with amazing body. In this Mahlangu, she played the character of Dumazile. Here you can find all the details of Cindy Mahlangu

What is Cindy Mahlangu’s age? 

Cindy Mahlangu age is twenty-five. At this age, she is one of the most sought after South African actresses. Also, she is very talented for her age. She is a great actress too. Because of her mature acting she always plays her role with great understanding. Further, she knows what she is doing. 

What are the career accomplishments of Cindy Mahlangu? 

Cindy Mahangu’s professional acting started with her career in The Herd. She also played the role of Kayise in the Makoti. Cindy Mahlangu movies and TV shows are popular in South Africa and many other countries. She acted in Siyanda in Mzansi Magic’s soapie drama The Queen. 

Plus she also acted in a Netflix original known as Blood and Water. She also appeared in 2018 in a magazine. So she does a little bit of modelling as well. Her body and her clear skin have made her one of the best models. Recently she also got lots of praise for her part as Siyanda on The Queen. 

Who is the Boyfriend of Cindy Mahlangu?

Cindy Mahlangu is dating Bafana Bafana player Bongani Zungu. There were lots of speculations about the couple dating. But now all the rumours are true. Many of their followers saw their cute pictures together on social media. The reports about their dating appeared in August 2020. It seemed that they were flirting with each other. They also surprised the fans when Zungu introduced his mom to Cindy. He also posted a video of the three of them hanging out. But he deleted the video as it led to lots of speculation. 

The pair also started to trend in February when the gossip columns said that the actor was cheating on Cindy. Many said that he was a serial cheater. This rumour came when a picture of him kissing an unknown woman on the cheek circulated on social media. He was playing for the Scottish club Rangers at that time. 

He is one of the five players who was fined by the Scottish Police for going to an illegal gathering of the people. It was a breach of the Covid 19 pandemic regulations. The player was also known for cheating on his former fiancée Khanyi Cele with Cindy Mahlangu. Then only they started to date. Mahlangu herself began to date YouTuber Vicky Jonas’s Nigerian boyfriend after the reveal of Zungu’s cheating picture.

But Cindy denied all the rumours and confronted Jonas about the bad things he is saying about her.  This led to a social media frenzy. Later he apologized to Cindy for tarnishing her reputation. Now Cindy Mahlangu and her boyfriend Bongani Zungu are together and looking after their baby. 

Does Cindy Mahlangu have a Child?

Many wonder if Cindy Mahlangu have a child. It seems she has given birth to her new baby. She was in France when she had the baby. It happened when she was visiting the father of the baby the Bafana Bafana South African team star player star Bongani Zungus. At the moment she is in France staying with the soccer star. He is playing a game in the country. 

But the entertainment blogger Musa Khawula revealed that Bongani Zungus is a serial cheater. In this way, he through a shade on Cindy Mahlangu’s boyfriend. He is also the one who shared the rumours about the baby’s birth. Many praised the blogger for sharing this news. 

Is Cindy Mahlangu related to Sandile Mahlangu? 

After knowing Cindy Mahlangu you may wonder – is Sandile Mahlangu related to Cindy Mahlangu? They both have the same surname and also kept the viewers at the edge of their seats for their acting in eTV’s Scandal. In the series, they acted like lovers. They are the ones who made lots of problems in the life of Romeo Medupe. 

Both of the actresses hail from Mpumalanga. Sandile Vincent Mahlangu is an actress who has appeared in many commercials, TV series and movies. In 2018 she came in Shaft 6. It is a mystery about a small mining town. Although she has the same surname as Cindy Mahlangu they are not relatives. There is no actual record to prove that they are related. 

What is Cindy Mahlangu’s Instagram?

Cindy Mahlangu Instagram account is @cindy_thando. She shares all the glimpses of her life on her Instagram account. She is a stylish woman with lots of amazing outfit choices. Also, she has a photogenic face. As Violetta Mamba, she plays her role very well.

In the future, she may act in many wonderful roles. But at the moment she is enjoying her time with her baby and her new boyfriend. Further, she also has accounts on Twitter and Facebook. She has lots of loyal followers and supporters on social media. 

What is the Networth of Cindy Mahlangu? 

The Networth of Cindy Mahlangu is $100,000 – $200,000. By acting in movies and TV series she is earning her income. She can afford to enjoy the luxuries of life due to her career. She also visits many places and enjoys her time in different countries. 


Cindy Mahlangu is a great actress. She is one of the best talents from South Africa. Some of her well-known performances are in Blood & Water, Kings of Jo’burg and more. Because of her wonderful talent, she has a great future in the film industry. 

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