Clown License – How to become a professional clown?

Remember the childhood days when you visited a circus with your family or friends and loved the fun activities. The smile laughter that the clown brings is unbelievable. And does it still amaze you? If you desire to become a clown one day, see the clown’s actions during childhood, this article is for you. A clown license is a must nowadays to become a professional clown.

The question is how to become a professional clown? There are no such mandatory requirements or academic qualifications needed to become a clown. But, a degree in Theatre Arts or Performing Arts is a practical part of tremendous public performances. But, putting on an act is all you need to become a clown, and for this, you can attend the clown college or school to know how you have to put on certain acts and bring life to the performances.

How do clowns earn money?

It is an entertainment job, and nowadays, the clown gets the payment based on the hourly performances. Therefore, after you get the Clown license, you have to notice the performances of other clowns in your area to get the idea and what the audience prefers to watch. In addition, you have to prepare your act accordingly to earn a decent amount in the beginning.

Money making for a clown is a big task. And how much does a clown make a year? Roughly, the fees range from $15 to upmost $100, and it depends on the services and the job they do for the audiences. If the performance is excellent and above expectations, sometimes the person, group, or institution is willing to pay more for an extra hour for instance.

Some clubs or entertainment businesses hire a clown under a professional clown salary. The money depends on the frequency of the show. An independent clown with a legal Clown license can work part-time and full-time.

How will a professional clown get a clown license?

If you want to start your own clown entertainment business, you have to keep the expectation of earning huge money low. Clown license comes under the company’s entertainment business. And, to get success in your business, you have to follow specific tips. These tips will help you get more clients in the future, and you can hire another entertaining clown into your business.

Create a persona of a clown

The character of the clown should resonate with your personality. For instance, it can be noisy, shy, smiley, and whatever you choose to be. And, make sure that the clown character you take on has a definite character that focuses on the real emotions. Improvisation for a clown is a must to handle any immediate situation. It helps your clown business grow, and you will feel proud to see the Clown license that allows you to earn money.

Attend clown school or college

In Clown school requirements, you have to dedicate yourself for eight weeks. Therefore, you will learn some unique, trending flowing skills in these eight weeks. Because understanding the basic skills and blending them with your clown persona will create magic in your clown entertainment business.

Some Clown college requirements ask you to participate in the auditions organized with different circuses or entertainment businesses. After passing the eight-week course, you can join the clown association to learn the art on the field.

If you ask that Is clown college real? Then be clear that you can learn from an experienced clown about the clown act, accessories, and makeup. It is helpful for new generation clowns to master the art, earn handsome money, and make it a full-time career.

Have clown accessories

When you talk about the clown, you speak about colorful outfits, accessories, and loud makeup. Hence, after getting the Clown license, you have to have all the necessary accessories that help you become a clown. Without accessories, there is no room for humor as well. With your clown business items, you can make the show entertaining and full of fun. Keep various options in your single act so that you can bring a smile to the audience’s face with multiple acts within the performance hours. It even helps you prepare a signature clown style that makes your USP for business.

Decide your start

The way you want to start your work depends on your choice. You can begin with performance with circuses. It helps you make a mark with your performances, enables you to gain experience, and get more shows with more payment. Another is starting as a freelancer, where you can get your Clown license and search for clients to showcase your talent and make a name and earn for you. Whatever you choose, you have to put hard work, determination, and variations into your art that will help you become a professional clown.

Practice and practice

Before you jump into the big maker, you can ask your friends and family to watch your acts. It helps you practice more and receive constructive criticism to improve your act, expression, and body language. In addition, it even allows you to understand your flaws and improve them. For instance, you have to be ready to understand the mindset and preferences of the audiences so that you can prepare your act accordingly.

After getting the Clown license, create a contact list and distribute your business card to all the possible people you know around you. Next, you need to market yourself for people to know you. Initially, you can organize a free event or workshop to let people watch you and get their feedback. Like this, you make connections with people, and it helps in word of mouth.


The demand for clown acts is top-rated for birthday parties, anniversary parties, and office gigs. However, the clown business is not as active as it should be, but slowly people love to carry forward the age-old entertainment business in the form of visual art. They use modern tricks to engage the audience and give the performance a touch of emotions. Hence, they try to get the license from BLI or ASCAP, Performance Rights organisations. 


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