Crystal Boba: The best uses of the tapioca pearls 

Crystal Boba is a popular item added to every type of beverage. They are soft jelly that looks beautiful in tea, shakes and other juice varieties. Also, there are many colours of these crystal pearl Boba. 

Further, the delicious Boba toppings can add the perfect touch of taste to your beverages. These Bobas are available in many stores these days. Also, they can be made at home too. You can make Boba in any colour you like. Let us see more about the crystal Boba and its uses. 

What is Crystal Boba?

Crystal bubble Boba is a white pearl esoteric is a specific type of bubble tea pearls. The bubble tea is a type of gelatin and chewy type of ball added to the drinks. Also, the texture seems exceptional when added to the beverages. 

Further, the use of konjac plant is a part of a tropical flower. The milky colour of the bubble comes with white starch also an easy topping to make at home. Many even ask How many calories in crystal Boba? Per 100 gms the calorie is 70. 

The types of Crystal Boba available for you 

1. The Crystal Boba 

The use of tapioca and white pearls are used in various meals in Asia. The use of these Boba is prevalent in the west for tea drinks. Thus, the crystal and regular Boba has differences. 

The method of making each of these Boba crystals is unique. The use of tapioca Konjac plant is the difference in the crystal Boba. The jelly-like texture and citric taste make this crystal unique. Pearls and crystal Boba can retain their shape in any beverage. 

2. The Regular Boba 

The regular Boba is black where caramel is added for preparation. There are much more varieties in Boba that can be useful. Let us see what they are and how useful are in beverages. Further, the opaque shape and black colour of this Boba are suitable for many types of tea. 

Brown sugar crystal Boba is added to enhance the overall taste of in beverage. The blend of black and caramel can add the perfect flavour to any drink. Most of the places offer this Boba free on beverages. Also, the taste is mostly chewy and jelly-like. 

3. The Flavoured Boba 

The versatility of the Crystal Boba is increased through various flavours. These are tapioca pearls that are flavoured through syrup. The flavour possibilities of this type of Boba are endless. 

Further, the common type of Boba is strawberry, honey, orange and watermelon. Mango crystal Boba is the most delicious flavour you can find. These are Boba that is cooked and flavoured through syrup. The mango crystals are added to many types of milkshakes and drinks. 

4. The Mini Boba 

The mini Boba can make any drink look beautiful. They are added as a garnish to the beverage. Mini boba’s are and they are available only someplace. When compared to large Boba the mini Boba is much easier to chew. Latte and many varieties of tea have this type of mini Boba. There are many flavours in the mini Boba too. 

5. The Popping Boba 

The popping Boba has many varieties. Especially, they are filled with a wide range of fruit juices. Inside the mouth, these can burst and offer exceptional flavour. 

Further, there are many types of flavours in the Boba such as passion fruit, banana and pineapple flavours. All these are flavours that can make the drink look and taste the best. 

Crystal Boba ingredients you need to know about 

Many think that the crystal Boba is hard to make. Also, some think that is a high number of additives. However, the ingredients in the Boba can be surprising. There are only simple ingredients used in the making of Boba. 

Moreover, the recipes for this dish are available online as well as the offline stores. If you want to make Boba at home then it is easy. There are simple ways to try it out. The advantage of making Boba at home is that you add fewer additives. Also, there are endless flavours you can try out. 

  • Powdered Sugar 

White sugar is an important element of the Boba. In the making of crystal Boba, this sugar can offer sweetness to the product. In many of the crystals, Boba sugar is used for a shiny texture. If you want to attain brown colour in Boba then adding brown sugar can help. brown pearls are less preferable. 

However, if you think brown sugar is not to your taste you can always add the white sugar. When adding white sugar the product is in pearl white. If you want this look then adding powdered sugar can also help. 

  • Coconut Water 

Konjac gum is difficult to find in many places. Coconut water is an alternative ingredient for the konjac gum. If this gum is easily available to you then you might use it. With the help of konjac gum, the perfect texture is possible. Further, coconut water will not cause much difference in the Boba. They can replicate the jelly, white and sour taste of the Konjac gum. 

  • Jelly Powder 

The jelly powder is an important ingredient as it can offer jelly and a chewy texture to Boba. If you want crystal Boba then adding this ingredient is important. Many supermarkets have jelly powder. 

You need to just add the jelly mixture to coconut water and powdered sugar. By blending the jelly powder you can achieve the texture of Boba. Also, allowing the jelly to set is an important aspect. You can use both flavoured gelatin and regular gelatin for this purpose. 

  • The Agar Powder 

Agar is an ingredient that makes the crystal white pearls light and in gelatin texture. The gelatin powder can make the Boba like a loose jelly. However, the agar powder stiffens the Boba. They make the mixture thick and less jiggly. 

Moreover adding ice, water and vegetable oil is necessary. Ice can help the whole mixture to set. Also, vegetable oil can make prevent the dish from sticking. 

These are the best steps to make the crystal Boba. If you try the Boba for one time it can become your favourite dish to add to beverages. 



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