Decorating with Taxidermy, The ultimate tips

Decorating a home is a way of establishing your style. Decorating with taxidermy is the new trend now. Adding your style makes your home a warm and special place. Today, many have an interest or hobby to decorate their home. Basic ways for decoration are hanging glass painting and other artistic pieces in the living room. However, if you want to go beyond normal decorations then there is taxidermy for you. 

For many years, using stuffed animals for decorative purposes is prevalent. Especially, logs, cabins and game lodges have these decorations. Now, this trend is popular for home decorations. Yes, you can use these animals as they can stand out in your living space. If you do not know how and where to use taxidermy piece then here are a few tips that can help. There are a bunch of taxidermy décor ideas that may impress you. Let us take a look at decorating with taxidermy. 

Few things to remember when decorating with taxidermy

Home décor with glass and paintings can be in many styles. You can use many pieces and vibrant colours for this purpose. However, decorating with taxidermy is unique. You can easily go overboard when using these pieces. Therefore, you can remember a few things before using these pieces in the living room or your bedroom. 

  • Size matters the most 

There are large as well as small insect taxidermy collections. It is important to decide the size of these pieces that fit in your house properly. Overcrowding rooms with larger taxidermy is the last thing you want to do. It is a complete no to use larger taxidermy pieces in low ceiling houses. 

If you have smaller spaces in the house then using small and beautiful taxidermy pierces can do the job. Mounting deer, lions and other huge wild animals in small spaces can ruin the appearance. Therefore, the first step is to decide whether larger or small taxidermy is suitable in your living space. Decorating with taxidermy is fun when paying attention to the size. 

  • Lighting makes a piece stand out 

Dark rooms and Dead animal stuffed may not be attractive but scary. Poor lighting can affect the aesthetic appeal of these pieces. If you want to make your Taxidermy piece appealing then light is important. Choosing bright areas that have natural lighting can dead animal stuffed pieces stand out. If there is no natural light in your rooms or living areas the spotlight can work. 

Using the spotlight on both sides of these pieces can draw more light. Showcasing guests and relatives these artistic pieces are possible when they are mounting on places with bright lights. Spotlights are a smart option as they can highlight a few parts of the animal. Horns face and teeth spotlights will earn centre attention for the piece. Planning lighting layout is the best way of Decorating with taxidermy. 

  • Proper display in rooms 

Visitors will love your taxidermy collection if it is in the living or trophy room. They are the best places to mount these pieces. Hanging dead duck mounts are some of the ideas for you. There is more number of animal’s pieces that are suitable for these rooms. If you want to showcase these pieces to your guest then mount them in easily visible places. Placing the pieces in less visible places can take guests by surprise. 

Also, some of them may think that it is terrifying. The best place is the seeable area. Mounting Hanging dead duck mount a few inches below the ceiling can make it look clear. Also, there are many incidents where placing it a few inches above flooring causes accidents. No one wants to bump on these pieces as they have sharp ends and parts. Therefore, remember to place your unique taxidermy prices in visible areas. 

  • Clean and appealing decorations 

Decorating with taxidermy is cost-efficient. These pieces can come for long years. With proper maintenance, they are suitable for Living room tasteful decorating with taxidermy. These pieces can easily get dirty. 

Dust can damage these pieces. As some of these prices are expensive it is important to take the best care. Also, dirty taxidermy is not appealing. If you want to keep these pieces fresh and lively then use dust brushes. Vacuuming can also help to keep them clean. Also, sun and humidity can cause damage. Protecting it from these can make your taxidermy look new after many years. 

The way to make the Living room tasteful decorating with taxidermy

It is possible to make the living room beautiful with this taxidermy collection. Indeed, it is exciting when decorating with taxidermy. If you do not know what may suit your living room then here are Taxidermy home décor ideas. 

  • The antlers 

Faux antlers taxidermy can provide excitement with your house needs. It can surprise visitors and be a useful piece in the living room. Placing it near the door is a way to mount these pieces. They are the most unique coat hangers you can get. 

Hanging coats, hats and scarf’s are some of the users of antlers. If you want to make it more appealing adding colours to the antlers will help. These antlers will surely impress your visitors. Also, they are the best living room Taxidermy home décor. 

  • The child-friendly taxidermy 

It is best to choose Wild animal decorations that are child friendly. Decorating with taxidermy is a cool idea for adults. However, many children find lively and huge taxidermy scary. If you want to make the living room child friendly that uses Wild animal decorations that children love. 

There are faux pieces that come in paper and cardboard. These miniature prices are pretty and lovely. These are taxidermy choices that are suitable for a subtle look. Also, colourful pieces can enhance the look of your living room. These pieces are defined and artistic that fit in any space. 

  • The insect collection 

If you are searching for Taxidermy room ideas then here are some. Many do not prefer these prices in bedrooms. Live-looking animals staring at your bedrooms are not anyone’s choice. But, if you still prefer decorating taxidermy in rooms the insect collection is suitable. There is an elegant insect’s taxidermy that looks beautiful in bedrooms. 

Beetles, Bugs, butterflies are a few of the choices for you. Choosing vibrant colour insect taxidermy can improve the look in your bedrooms. Most of these pieces come as a set. Also, the taxidermy insect collection in the frame is popular in many places. Add something more to your bedroom with Taxidermy room ideas.

  • The safari animals 

Large safari animals are taxidermy pieces that many prefer. Deer, lion, bear and elephant trophy heads can draw much attention. They are sculptural as well as artistic. If you prefer fierce pieces then there is a whole collection for you. 

Using it in the living or other rooms of your house is the best idea. These pieces come in a variety of materials. Some of the new trends are cardboard, paper and classic materials. You can try any of these varieties to make your living room décor stand out. 

There are unique taxidermy pieces to decorate your home with. They can quickly transform your home. These best décor pieces are living and add beauty to your house. If you are decorating with taxidermy then try the above hacks. 


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