Fantastic Beasts Theories : Crimes Of Grindelwald

Ever heard about the fantastic beasts theories? Yes! Or No! In any case, if you are a big fan of Crimes of Grindelwald, especially Aurelius Dumbledore’s character. You cannot deny the fact that how deeply you ponder over crimes of Grindelwald theories. 

The lately released series fantastic beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald releases recently. The show has blown away the internet with quite strong, stronger, and strongest speculations from the fan following. If you have watched or not the same show, isn’t a big deal. We have got your back. We have curated the wildest and craziest theories from the show for you. You may find some being unreasonable while others are relatable and reasonable. 

We are learning and we have learned several things about Harry Potter’s verse from fantastic beasts. One such huge revelation made up at the end of the Crimes of Grindelwald. The time when Albus Dumbledore was having a long-separated brother. The one who finally met him at the show’s end. Similarly, J.K Rowling presented Albus Dumbledore’s dark and mysterious life in a much more organized manner. 

If you were wondering over Dumbledore theories all this while. You are in the absolute right place. We have curated the list of the strongest, wildest, and craziest theories for you. So, prepare and read on to get your mind blown.

What are fantastic beasts theories?

We are already learning a lot about the Harry Potter universe from fantastic beasts. In addition, the shocking revelations made the mind blow away after the crimes of Grindelwald. But, still, the character of the dumbledore brothers is mysterious and dark in a certain manner. Additionally, the role of Nagini in Voldermort’s success is still food for thought for the die-heart fans. Therefore, the internet is going all crazy digging over the Dumbledore theories or to say fantastic beasts theories for their fans. So, here we have curated the topmost theories for you. Read on to get your mind blown away.

Top 5 fantastic beasts theories

Here is the list of the topmost talked over fantastic beasts theories on the internet.

  1. Ariana Dumbledore is an Obscurial. 

Ariana was sister of Albus Dumbledore. She was the one who was loved deeply by her parents amongst the three siblings. She met with an unfateful incident when she was 6 years. While practicing her magic in her backyard, a group of snooping muggle boys attacked her. Although, her father took revenge on those three boys. But, all this left him imprisoned in the Azkaban. This horrifying memory left Ariana Dumbledore with the wanting to suppress her magical powers. 

In this way, she possessed uncontrollable magical powers. The same would turn out to be extremely dangerous at times. She even harmed and became the reason behind the death of her mother. This is the reason behind her incarceration in the same house the very same day. 

All this will surely leave you agreeing with the fans about her being an Obscurial.

  1. Nagini being Voldermort’s Mother

Last year Claudia Kim’s circus revelation was as a maledictus. Thus, fans could not contain but, make speculations about Nagini’s relationship with Lord Voldemort. As Nagini grew to become the closest confidante of Voldemort, fans tried to reveal clues to ascertain their relationship. 

In persuasion, the trailer of the fantastic beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald 2 revealed the maternal side of the connection between the wizard and the beast. 

This was enough to suggest that the Nagini served more than only venom milk to keep Voldermort alive. Thus, she gave him a rudimentary baby body. It was in the form of flesh, blood, and miracle as well. 

This fantastic beasts theories completely explain the birth of Voldermort from vapor to baby.

  1. Credence Barebone is pure blood and ancestor of a dark and prominent wizard. 

The next revelation is the pureblood ancestry of Credence Barebone. According to one shot, Tina Goldstein was studying the family tree of Lestrange. The tree had Corvus Lestrange on the top, Leta Lestrange was on his bottom left, and Credence Barebone was shown to be on the bottom right of Corvus Lestrange. 

The fans at a moment concluded that Leta is the daughter of Corvus’s first marriage to Laurena. On the contrary, Credence is the child from his second marriage to Clarisse. It directly means that Credence is the half-brother of Leta. Thus, he is a pureblood.

  1. Queenie and Jacob’s grandson being Snape 

Fourthly, amongst several fantastic beasts theories, one is Queenie and Jacob’s grandson being Snape. We know very little about Eileen Prince. The foremost important thing we know is that the witch married a muggle named Tobias Snape.

  1. Master of elder wand is none other than Tina Goldstein

Lastly, amongst the fantastic beasts theories is about Tina Goldstein. According to one shot, she cast a disarming spell onto Gellert Grindelwald. This was way before he finally was trapped by macusa. This is on the contrary confirmed that he became the master of the elder wand somewhere in the 20th century. If amidst his capture he was possessing the wand, it directly means that Tina Goldstein is now the master of the elder wand.

This was all about Fantastic beasts and where to find them theories for now. Although the trailer revelations have made a way more fantastic beasts theories still the fans are pondering over the detailed explanation over a lot more dark and mysterious secrets.

Is credence dumbledore brother?

After knowing these theories you might be wondering is credence dumbledore brother. If this is the question killing you all this while don’t stress anymore! We have got your back. Yes! Credence is the long-lost brother of Dumbledore. Albus Dumbledore whose real name is Aurelius Dumbledore.


This was all about crimes of Grindelwald theories. These were a few revelations about Aurelius Dumbledore. Are there any fantastic beasts theories that we have missed out on? If yes! Do let us know them in the comment section below. 


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