Father chooses girlfriend over child

Are you pondering over your next step when father chooses girlfriend over child? Yes! You must be heartbroken but, you have come to the right place. Father is a three-letter word that is basically an emotion and a title. No matter how good a human or husband you are, this is the title that you cannot give to yourself. Only your kids have the right to give this label to you.

Additionally, as a kid, you grow up imagining a home sweet home with your parents. The ones who love you unconditionally. Furthermore, there is laughter, giggles, and planned vacations regularly. Oh! What a perfect picture to even imagine. But, all this comes to a drastic end, when you realize that your dads new girlfriend will be staying with him forever. What do you feel? Heartbroken, shaken, shocked, depressed? We cannot even imagine or describe the feeling you are currently witnessing.

But, regain your strength and senses and do not indulge in anything that might have future repercussions or consequences. Instead, we have got your back. We have curated the right steps you need to follow once you realize that your husband is choosing girlfriend over child. 

What to do when the father chooses girlfriend over child?

What kind of a father would choose another person over his own flesh and blood? This kind of deadbeat dad would not understand or care for the feelings of a child. Or the emotional disruption t could have on the kid. Well, we can’t clearly say why a father is choosing girlfriend over child. But, what we surely have come up with here are the immediate steps and methods that you need to follow next. You need to ensure everything mentioned below to ascertain the safety, security, and support of you and your baby.

  • Communicate the issue when father chooses girlfriend over child

We cannot say for sure that when you should have had this conversation before. Maybe it could have amended how things are going on now. But, don’t think about that now. Instead, indulge in assertive communication with your partner. Discuss your concerns and problems. What you would like him to do to make the lives of your kid better. In this way, having communication could lead to amending things a little bit in your favor. 

  • Schedule visitation when father chooses girlfriend over child

Moreover, when the circumstantial choosing between family and girlfriend occurs, the father chooses girlfriend over child due to several underlying reasons. One amongst them is that the father stays away a lot. It could be either a work requirement or anything. He did not get to spend quality time with his kid. Thereby, the bond that a father and a child share is completely missing from the picture.

Don’t stress! You may always plan for scheduled visitations by the father. This will lead to developing the understanding of problems, concerns, or emotions of the child in a much better way. 

  • Get the court involved when father chooses girlfriend over child

When the child sees dads new girlfriend, things could be way more problematic for kids. They need time, proper care, and affection to deal with the situation in a better way. You being a single mom are already struggling a lot. But, when the father is not ready to understand or take care of things that are good for your baby. Don’t hesitate but, get the court involved.

Additionally, there may be an array of decision affirmations that are very much beneficial for you and your kid. This is also important for both of you in the long run.

  • Choose not to care when father chooses girlfriend over child

The thought of choosing a girlfriend over your own kid is trembling. The emotions you are going through at the moment cannot express in words. But, he has decided his fate. Why do you and your kid have to suffer all this alone? You have to get really strong. For you and also, for your baby. When you have indulged in effective communication, scheduled visitations, and even involved the courtroom to tackle the things. But, nothing seems to have worked in your favor.

Learn to unlearn. Let bygones be bygones. You need to learn here to let him go, not to care for him anymore. Choose to detach yourself and your kid from the man who doesn’t care for both of you.

  • Do whatever is best for the child when the father chooses girlfriend over child, stop feeling bad

Whatever you will do or are doing presently, make the child the center of the attraction. Keep him or her in the focus and decide on things. Do only the things which are the best for him. Lastly, you do not have to feel guilty or bad in the end. You are doing great for yourself and for your kid.

Additionally, the father recognizes that my daughter hates my girlfriend. But, still, if he indulges in all these, he isn’t interested anymore. He does not deserve you or your kid. 

  • Don’t indulge or insult

Imagine you and the father’s girlfriend fighting, calling names to each other, abusing in front of your kid. What impression it will have on the kid. Please stop there. You must be feeling a surge of emotional engagement at the moment. But, you cannot get into messy things. That too in front of your kid. This isn’t the right thing or the right memory in the process of his development. It will definitely harm him or her more than doing good. So, make it a point to not indulge in all these messier things. 

  • Always remember you are having a child with him not her

Always remember that you have a child with him and not her. He or she is his responsibility and not hers. You can’t be always blaming the other woman for ruining your life. This is due to the reason that your husband made his choices under all consciousness to move forward. The other woman has nothing to do here. This is the matter of you two parents. So, you always keep in mind to let her remain out of all this. 


This was all about the immediate actions you need to take when the father chooses girlfriend over child. Follow the above-mentions guidelines to get to the appropriate solution at the earliest. Don’t engage in things unnecessarily and don’t blame yourself for all this. You have not done anything wrong. Moreover, when the father chooses girlfriend over child do only what is the best for you and your child.

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