Fernando Torres injury- The traumatic incident in his life 

Fernando Torres injury is one of the unfortunate accidents in his life. After this incident fans show their concern for the famous footballer. Torres is a striker for the Spanish football team. He is the third most goal soccer of Spain. Also, there are various other achievements of this talented footballer.

Further, his successful career as a striker earns him much fame among the audience. As a player, he is known as highly proficient. His ‘eye for the spectacular’ is a statement that best describes his gameplay. There are many accidents that Torres has come across in his games. Due to Fernando Torres injury, there is reduce in the goal-scoring rate of the player in recent years. Apart from minor injuries, there are fatal injuries in his career. Let us know what happened to Fernando Torres during a traumatic injury. 

Background and early life 

Fernando Torres is passionate about football since his childhood. From the age of five, he is a part of a football team. As an amateur, his first football team is Parque 84. Primarily he did goalkeeping in all of the games. However, after two years in this team, he began to play as a striker. 

Further, Torres has exceptional interest to strike and he was a striker for the team regularly. From the early part of childhood, his participation in football encouraged him. In the year 1995, he started his career in Atletico Madrid. Also, after joining this team his progress was exceptional. From this club, he took many notes to skillfully play the game. As a youth, he proved himself as a decent player in many games. 

Further, 1998 is the year he got the youth title. The Madrid club even sent him too many competitions. In under 15 Nike cup tournaments, he again proved his exceptional skills. After these games, he won the awards of the best player in European under 15 tournaments. In his youth career, there are lots of achievements. Also, these are the factors that helped him to join the senior team of Atletico Madrid. 

Career and popularity 

Before joining as a senior player for Atletico Madrid he is a part of the junior team of this club. There are under 14, under 16, under 18 and under 21 matches for which Torres played for the team. His international debut for the Spain team is in 2003. The first-ever game of Torres is a friendly match with the Portugal team. Also, his first international goal is against Italy in 2004. 

Besides, there are about 110 games of Fernando Torres and 38 goals of this football star. His performance in the Spanish team is iconic. In short period, he reached success in his career. Also, Torres is the only footballer to score four goals in a single game. His historic goal against Saudi Arabia makes him the sixth-highest Spain player. Torres injury is common in many of his games. Most of the Fernando Torres injury are minor until 2021. 

However, In his career, loss of form is due to Fernando Torres injury. In 2006, he made his appearance in the FIFA world championship. There are a total of 11 appearances of this player that makes him the top player. Also, his international hat trick goal is another great accomplishment. 

Further, the Spanish team vs San Mariono is an exceptional game due to his hat trick goal. Further, in 2008 his winning goal in the Euro match won him the man of the match. As a striker in all these games, he is a successful and dedicated footballer. 

Fernando Torres near-fatal injury

Fernando Torres near fatal injury is the talk among the sports fans. It is an upsetting incident for many individuals. This accident occurred for the Atletico Madrid player Torres against Deportivo la Coruna team. Also, it is a draw match that caused the popular Torres striker a traumatic brain injury. After the match, he was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment.

Further, it is a bit of shock for many to witness this fatal accident on the field. This game night is on Thursday which caused the injury for the player. The club told that Torres is stable and in a conscious state when going to the hospital. However, there is a need for complete tests on Friday after this on-field injury. 

During the gameplay Torres presence in the field is exceptional support for the team. However, during the night, he challenged the ball in the air and his collision with the opponent made him fall. While falling down his head hit the ground very hard. The tension in the field after this incident is high. As the key striker of the game Fernando Torres injury is serious. Immediately the paramedics came to help the Torres. Fernando Torres injury on his neck made the paramedics rush him into the hospital. 

Further, his teammates in Atletico Madrid were disturbed after this Fernando Torres injury. They did not know how serious this injury is for Torres. Some of the teammates became emotional after this incident. This match was a draw at the end but teammate Griemann says that the results do not mean anything. 

Further, he adds that good health of Torres is what is important for the team. As a team, they wish for his fast recovery and they hope Torres will continue to play in future matches. Breaking the neck from this fatal injury is a horrible incident in his career. However, since his hospitalization, there is not much news about Fernando Torres injury. 

Fernando Torres Tweet 

After clashing head with the opponent Fernando Torres 2021 injury is saddening news for many. Since his injury, many fans want to know how the player is doing now. There is a tweet from Torres that comforts many of his fans. Torres thanks people who worry about his condition and their support. 

Further, he says that this incident is just a scare and he hopes to be back very soon. Even though the neck injury is fatal the player is recovering faster than many expect. Fernando Torres injury is now better than before. After his return from hospital there are lots of reports about his wellbeing. 

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