This article is about the florida family missing at sea, the Kimberly family. Ace Kimberly and his 3 teenagers were departing from Sarasota to Fort Myers in a 29- feet Sailboat. Unfortunately, the disappearance of the boat was the worst news after last seeing them in the Gulf of Mexico. The father and children disappeared about 77 miles south of Sarasota. They were going to Ace’s brother at Fort Myers is planning to repair their boat. The missing sailboat family Kimberly contacts his brother before disappearing. 

However, that time Ace informs his brother that they are in 6-foot waves and thunderstorms. Similarly, his brother reported their sailboat lost at sea on Tuesday. The bodies of Ace and Rabacca were found from the sea and the other two are still missing. The coast guard also decides to bring a stop to their search and rescue mission for kimberly family lost at sea.

The florida family missing at sea: About Ace Kimberly

  • The 40 years old Ace OG Kimberly of Sarasota, Florida died on 22 June 2016.
  • However, Ace was formerly from Indiana and Tennessee before coming to Florida.
  • The reason for his death was the florida family missing at sea, in a boating accident near Sanibel Island, Fla.
  • At the time of his death, he was sailing with three of his children on the boat.
  • He was born to Donald Thomas and Mary Etta (Penny) Kimberly Butts on December 22, 1975.
  • At his growing stage, Ace was in Georgetown, Ohio.
  • However, he was originally from Cross Plains and Greensburg, Indiana, as well as Clinton and Strawberry Plains, Tennessee.
  • Later, he married Pauline Rose Cunningham from Warsaw, Kentucky on 28 August 1998.
  • In this marriage, he was having three children Rabacca, Donald, and Roger.
  • After parting with his wife, Ace has been with Melissa Gross from Tennessee for 15 years.
  • Ace and Melissa are having a son together whose name is Robert Kimberly.
  • He was a jack of many trades and worked in many trades during his life.
  • Recently before his death, he coached Jiffy Lube in Sarasota, Florida.
  • Other hobbies of Ace Kimberly are: –
    1. Ace enjoys riding motorcycles.
    2. Similarly, he also was an expert in boating.
    3. In addition, Ace was fit to be in being outdoors and interested in nature and water.
    4. Also, he was a singer and was playing his guitar.
    5. However, his most favorite hobby was spending time with his children.
  • In addition, Ace was a born adventurer and a dreamer who will be in the hearts of many in Florida.
  • His funeral was at the Morgan and Nay Funeral Centre in Madison, Indiana, with interment in the Hanover Cemetery.

florida family missing at sea: A Short Summary on the Missing

Let’s discuss a summary of the mishappening on the florida family missing at sea

  • The 29-foot Seafarer sailboat which was in sailing by the Kimberly’s was of 1976.
  • One can see that the boat is very old, and one may not understand the present condition of the same.
  • In addition, on 19 June 2016, Ace Kimberly with his three offspring set sail from Sarasota for Fort Myers.
  • Similarly, the missing sailboat family has been dwelling at the sailboat simply enjoying the outdoor and had been heading to Fort Myers to look Ace’s brother for repairs.
  • However, in the afternoon, Ace informs his brother Joe that they had been experiencing 6-foot waves all through a thunderstorm.
  • He also informed that they are off the coast of Englewood and that they had been “seeking to survive.”
  • As a result, two days later, his brother pronounced the vessel past due to the Coast Guard.
  • With the help of a couple of agencies, the coast guard was doing a search and rescue Ops for a family lost.
  • the coast guard was able to find water jugs, tarps, six lifeline jackets, a throwable lifestyles ring, a propane tank, a couple of footwear, and a basketball.
  • The SAR team assumes that all these items are from the kimberly family lost at sea.
  • In addition, the team also recovers a bucket containing Ace’s certificates, a GPS, a wallet, satellite phone, cigarettes, a toolbox, and a pool noodle.
  • Similarly, 2 kayaks were found out of which one has been identified as belonging to the Kimberly family lost at sea in florida.
  • Similarly, the bodies of Rabacca and Ace were in the sea however the other two brothers are still missing.

florida family missing at sea: The After Effects

The Coast Guard Captain Gregory Case informs the press that they were not able to identify where the sailboat lost at sea. Similarly, they were able to recover the bodies of Kimberly, 45, and her daughter Rebecca, 17 after SAR.  However, the bodies of the sons of Kimberly, 13 years, Roger, and Donny, 15 years, are still missing. While retrieving the bodies of Kimberly and Rabacca, Ace was not wearing a life jacket whereas his daughter had one. Along with the two bodies, the crews also recovered a lot of other items from sailboat found at sea. The coast guard was searching 34000 Sq nautical miles in five days and bodies and debris were at several miles.

The Coast Guard starts the search and rescue operations on Tuesday as soon as Kimberly’s brother reported the florida family missing at sea. Kimberly asked his brother for a weather report and said he was sailing the 6-foot seas off Englewood. The Coast Guard chief also said that Joe did his best by informing them as he understood they are in danger. Similarly, Kimberly’s brother also did not know the directions or other details of the sailing route of his brother ACE on a family trip.

Summing Up

Even though it is very good to have family adventures at the sea, everyone should be of utmost care. One should have all the space and safety equipment’s on board. The boat to be traveling in the sea must be error-free and not like the case of the florida family missing at sea. Never decide to repair your boat next time, instead make it right at the same time itself.


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