Ask Game of Thrones fans what game of thrones monologues they will listen to it? There will be no shortage of opinions on social networks that it is of the Tyrion’s. However, there are also a lot of other monologues that were standing different and erect in the series. For example, game of thrones tyrion speech, khal drogo speech, Jaimie Lannister speech, Lord Stark speech, etc are some of them. However, tyrion lannister trial speech is on top of all these speeches or monologues. Similarly, even in a series known for its fascinating characters, Tyrion Lannister is one of Game of Thrones’ most treasured characters. From the first to the last episode, he played a central role and considering this Tyrion, is one of the smartest people on the show. In short, you don’t have to be a Game of Thrones viewer to enjoy it.

Game of thrones monologues: What is this?

Before discussing the game of thrones monologues let’s take some time on what a monologue is.

  • The speech made by a single character in a story is the definition of a monologue.
  • However, in the play, it is the vocalization of a character’s thoughts and, in literature, verbalization.
  • Similarly, earlier it was a traditional device used in the theatre – a speech on stage.
  • Whereas today monologue use extends to film and television series.
  • The various types of monologues are the following: –

First, Soliloquy.

  • Soliloquy is a speech that a character makes to himself.
  • Similarly, the character knows that no one else is listening to him.
  • However, the character is expressing his inner thoughts aloud.

Second, Dramatic monologue.

  • However, a dramatic monologue is a speech that is given directly to the audience or another character.
  • Similarly, a dramatic monologue can be formal or informal, fun, or serious.
  • However, it is almost always significant both in length and in scope.

Third and finally, Internal Monologue.

  • Similarly, an internal monologue is about expressing a character’s thoughts so that the audience can witness what is in the character’s mind.
  • However, it is sometimes also known as the “stream of consciousness”.

Importance of greatest monologues 

  • The monologues are having great importance in a play, movie, or series.
  • Similarly, through a speech or vocalization of thought, monologues give audiences access to what a particular character is thinking.
  • In short, a monologue helps the audience to understand or develop a sense of what the character is going through.
  • Similarly, this in turn helps in explaining their past actions and past behaviors.

Game of thrones monologues: Which is the Best?

In the game of thrones monologues, the best monologue is hard to find out. However, out of all the best game of thrones speeches, the speech of Tyrion is different and sharpest. First, let’s discuss Lord Tyrion Lannister, the owner of the sharpest monologues: –

  • Lord Tyrion Lannister is the youngest son of The Lord Tywin Lannister after Cersei and Jaime Lannister.
  • Being a dwarf, he uses his intelligence and knowledge to overcome the prejudices he faces.
  • Similarly, Tyrion’s mother, Joanna Lannister, dies giving birth to him, a tragedy for which he is always blamed.
  • In addition, Tyrion is mocked for being a dwarf, called ridiculous names like “Imp” and “Half man”.
  • However, Tyrion spent maximum time in King’s Landing court to avoid his father.
  • He got along well with Jaime, his niece Marcella and his nephew Tommen.
  • However, he was having a colder relationship with Cersei and the psychopath Joffrey.
  • Tyrion is committed to the good of his two Houses, and since Cersei married King Robert Baratheon.

The tyrion lannister trial speech and the tyrion blackwater speech

The famous game of thrones tyrion speech are the following: –

  • The tyrion lannister trial speech.
  • Tyrion is telling that he wishes to confess as he saved his father and the city and all worthless life’s mocking at him.
  • Then he adds that he should have let Stannis kill them all and accepts that he is guilty and asks his father whether he wants only to hear word guilty from his mouth?
  • Similarly, he says that he didn’t poison the king and adds that he is innocent.
  • However, he adds that he is guilty of a far more monstrous crime.
  • He says that he is guilty of being a dwarf and he has been on trial for that his entire life.
  • Similarly, he says that he didn’t kill Joffrey however, he wishes that he could.
  • Then turns to Cersei and tells he that watching her vicious bastard die gave him more relief than a thousand lying whores and wishes to be the monster she thinks who killed Joffrey.
  • He tells the whole crowd that he wishes to watch them all eat poison by his hand and die in front of him.
  • Then he says that he will not give his life for Joffrey’s murder, and he knows that he will not get any justice here and hence he will let the Gods decide his fate.
  • And at last, he was demanding a trial by combat.
  • The tyrion blackwater speech.
  • Another famous game of thrones monologues is the tyrion blackwater speech.
  • Trion asks his men not to fight for their king or kingdoms or honor or glory or riches.
  • Similarly, the city which is under attack by Stannis is your city and it’s your gate he is ramming.
  • However, if he gets in, he will burn your houses, steal your gold, and will rape your women.
  • Even though, they are brave men knocking at their door he adds that let’s go and kill them all with unity.

Summing Up

Even though there are khal drogo speech and Jamie Lannister’s speeches in the game of thrones monologues, the best one is always of Tyrion Lannister. Although Tyrion was a joke in King’s Landing, the “half-man” turned out to be the most capable leader in town. It’s easy to make great war speeches when you have dragons or are the handsome king of the north. However, it is much harder to bring men together when you’ve been ridiculed for life.