Helena Howard: career, web series and personal life details  

Helena Howard is a popular American actress known for her performance in the movie Madeline’s Madeline. Also, she is gaining more popularity for her role as Nora Rein for The Wilds. The exceptional performance of the actress is leading to more attention. 

Further, there is a fan base for Helena Howard who wants to know every detail about the actress. As a stage actor, she did many acting works. All the stage experience makes her one of the best actresses of this year. Let us take a look at Helena Howard her career, background and more. 

About Helena Howard 

Born in the year 1998 Helena Howard belongs from Newyork Unites states. She spent her childhood in New Jersey with her family and siblings. She is passionate about acting since childhood. Especially after watching ‘The Mummy’ she wanted to pursue acting as her career. She is a movie buff who has grown up watching lots of films. Due to the interest in movies, she did grow up with a dream to become a movie star one day. 

Further, she did the performing arts course at Union country academy. In this new jersey school, she participated in many acting programs. At the teen’s country festival, her monologue performance as ‘Black Bird’ gained her more appreciation among the trainers and classmates. 

Also, this performance did not miss the attention of Hollywood director Josephine Decker. Helena Howard receives the role of Madeline in Madeline’s Madeline movie from director Decker. Helena did not stop her training courses for acting. After this film, she joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. All these are factors that helped Helena Howard to get her big Hollywood breakthrough. Now Helena Howard age is 23 let us know more about the actress. 

Family and background 

The father of Helena Howard is Will Howard. Also, her mother’s name is julia binet. She has a brother named Liam Howard. He is the elder brother of Helena Howard. When it comes to her family she keeps the details private. However, both of her parents are talented artists. Due to their profession, Helena had a special interest in acting. Further, Helena Howard ethnicity is versatile.

Her mother is an eastern European and Scandinavian descendant. Also, her father belongs to Mixed American ethnicity. The whole family settled in New Jersey after the birth of Helena Howard. When it comes to Helena’s dating life it remains a secret. Also, apart from little background information, she does not share any details about her family. Coming from a decent background the Helena family does not have much exposure to the limelight. 

Career and acting

Helena Howard is pursuing her career which is acting. She is lucky as many fans suggest getting exceptional roles in films. Her debut as an actress is in the year 2018. She got this role after her stage performance for monologue acting. Further, director Decker was stunned by Helena Howard’s performance for ‘Black Bird’. 

Further, when the show ended Decker said that is the best acting she has ever seen in life. It is an exceptional complement to Helena for her acting talent as a successful director. Also, both the director and Helena share some words after the performance, within two months Decker came up with a new project for Helena. The interesting apt is that Howards helped Decker to complete the storyline.

As the lead female protagonist in Madeline’s Madeline, she did a great job. The storyline of the movie is as same as Helena Howard’s real-life story. In the film Madeline a teenager is lonely and also a part of a professional acting ensemble. The role of Madeline gains much appreciation for the actress. For her performance, she receives much acclaim. After the film, she also got signed at a renowned American talent agency. When it comes to Helena Howard movies and TV shows she will appear in new projects in future years. 

Web series and OTT 

After a year break from acting in a movie, Helena Howard appeared in web series. In 2020, she made her OTT debut for a Sci-Fi drama series. The play titled” Don’t look deeper” portrays the role of Aisha a teenage human-robot. This web series received much appreciation from the fans. The modern and futuristic storyline offered more scope for the actress. Acting as a humanoid is a milestone in their acting career of Helena. 

In the same year,  the wilds was released on Amazon Prime. Helena did justice to the role of Nora Reid. The series features the life of teenage girls who fight to sustain their lives. This survival plot has all the mystery and exciting twists the viewers need. A plane of a group of teenagers gets stuck on a deserted island. The scenario of these teens after the plane crash is the major story. In upcoming years, Helena Howard is signing new OTT and web projects. All these will prove to be a visual treat for her fans. 

Awards and appreciation 

Helena Howard earns exceptional awards as a debut actress in her breakthrough film Madeline’s Madeline. Helena Howard nominations for the Gotham Awards are a milestone in her acting career. There are other nominations for the actress for her performances. 

Further, she was nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards as the best female lead. Also, she receives a nomination for best 50 performances at Indie Wire. All these are appreciations of the actor for all her performances to date. In the upcoming years, her fans wish her more awards and appreciation for her performances. 

Interest and hobbies 

There are many hobbies and interests of Helena Howard. Many of her fans want to know about her likes and dislikes. My favourite film with Helena is Sophie’s choice. It is the best film she has watched since her childhood. 

Further, Meryl Streep is the favourite actress of Helena Howard. There is an official Instagram account of the star and their fan following of Helena is great. Also, through her physique fans can understand that she is into fitness. Helena is a 23-year-old actress who is 5.7 inches tall. Her physical stature is lean and fit. 

If you are a fan of Helena Howard here is everything you need to know about her. Know about her interest’s hobbies and exceptional career from the above article. 


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