Destination: Holiday Florida Beaches

Ever wondered to explore Holiday Florida Beaches that are captivating and away from the hustle-bustle of the major densely populated beaches of Florida? If your answer is yes, do scroll down to read further and set forth with us on this unforgettable journey that is going to bring back memories of your lifetime and stories that you would want to share with your loved ones to be revisited all over again!


Within Florida falls the Tampa Bay region which is a huge landscape that surrounds many water bodies around it. Tampa Bay comprises four (4) main counties and various cities.

Pasco County is one such county where Holiday City Florida is situated. Geographically, Holiday Florida Beaches falls on the southern tip border between the City of Tarpon Springs and Pinellas County. Holiday Florida Beaches also share its boundary with the Gulf of Mexico on its west.

The city of New Port Richey is at the northern end and Trinity towards the east. Holiday Florida Beaches is home to mostly senior citizens that have retired from work. But, recently even the younger and population is moving towards this destination due to affordable housing and great suburban amenities available such as schools, highways, airports, recreation, and outdoor water activities.

The diverse population makes Holiday Florida Beaches a cosmopolitan place that welcomes people from all cultures and backgrounds regardless of their race, religion, and color.

Holiday Florida Beaches country-like town is fast-growing and popular for its attractive beaches, extensive parks, outdoor activities, restaurants and bars, cafes, and exciting scenic view that makes this unexplored hidden gem of place worth a visit at least once.

Parks in Holiday Florida:

  • Beacon Square: The most preferred beach park of Holiday Florida Beaches that offers its visitors ample space for the basketball court and softball field play throughout the year. The park is open to the public from sunrise until sunset.
  • Anclote River Park: It is the oldest, most famous, and the closest beach to Holiday Florida. Spread over 31 acres of area shares its boundary with the Gulf of Mexico where the swimming area is. The park is quite big and has many other recreational as well as sports activities that can be enjoyed by its visitors such as volleyball, fishing, boat trailing, and sailing, etc.
  • It is a popular picnic spot for families and friends to spend their time as many amenities are available on the spot. This beautiful and mesmerizing. It is open on all seven (7) days of the week from sunrise until sunset.
  • Anclote Gulf Park: For those who enjoy a peaceful time by fishing at the bay, this place is the best pick for them. Right next to the Anclote River Park is Anclote Gulf Park and so. It has all similar amenities that a family would like to have at their outset like:
  • a playground with tables and
  • Sheltered benches, etc.
  • The park is one of its kind that is dog-friendly. In addition, it has separate amenities for them too like the water fountains and a play area.
  • Key Vista Nature Park: A nature lover’s paradise. You can not only spend all your day here watching different kinds of birds and wildlife nature like:
  • squirrels,
  • peacocks and
  • Even slithering snakes.
  • You can capture many pleasant moments while strolling over the boardwalk that connects to the Anclote River Park.  Moreover, if you are more into physical adventure and exploration, hiking is a good option for you.
  • Aloha Gardens Park: A neighborhood play area park for kids. The kids can enjoy from a variety of options like swings and slides. Open play area and open field for more activities. For the parents and families, the park has benches and tables available that are on a first-come, first booked. While parents can enjoy to relax and look out for their kids playing out. They can also choose to take an evening stroll out in this park.
  • Anclote Village Marina: The area is in close proximity to the Anclote River, and offers a good spot for boating and surfing. The park has made a fleet of services available for the public like:
  • pontoon boats and
  • Hurricane Deck boats on rent.
  • Other visitors can explore fishing with great meals and live music at Miss Vicki’s restaurant & bar.

Things to Do in Holiday Florida

Despite being a county-like town, Holiday Florida Beaches offers a lot to its residents as well as tourists alike. There are many beaches and beach parks that you can visit during your stay in Holiday. In addition, at these beach parks, you can perform a variety of sport and recreational activities like:

  • playing basketball,
  • baseball,
  • volleyball,
  • soccer,
  • swimming,
  • boating,
  • fishing,
  • trailing and
  • Finally, strolling, etc.

Additionally, it has a community recreation complex centre where other indoor activities can also be played such as tennis, etc. 

For those who have a liking for Golf, you can check out the Forest Hills Golf Course. This is at 5211 Boardwalk Street which is open to the public.

As for shopping, Holiday, Florida Beaches have:

  • first of all, shopping centers,
  • secondly, many grocery stores and
  • Foremost, specialty stores for antique items, craft centers, and florists.

Holiday has two (2) shopping malls in its vicinity – Westfield Shopping Town Countryside and Gulf View Square Mall. Furthermore, these malls have all kinds of stores and restaurants to choose from. 

Restaurants near Holiday Florida

While dinning in Holiday Florida Beaches, you shall not miss out on any culture of cuisine, as it has options available from all across of food. You can find the humble pasta and pizza to the finest of Greek and American cuisine. Along with many cafes and bar around every corner of the city.

A few selected restaurants serve you authentic and ethnic-style heritage food. These are from a different culture that will make you closer to the place. Most of the restaurants are owned and run by the residents and their neighbourhood families or small business owners. They put their heart and soul into it.


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