How to rebrand your Instagram : Rebranding social media

Are you pondering over how to rebrand your Instagram? Yes! Then you are in the right place. When a company feels that although you have many followers on your Instagram or say for example any social media site. But, yet, your posts don’t have many views, likes, shares, or comments. The main reason behind this is that you aren’t able to resonate your brand values, ideas, and perspectives with your consumers. The best way to cope up with this is to use the rebranding social media technique. 

Social media or to be specific Instagram is a vital platform. it allows businesses or brands to connect or communicate their ideas with their consumers in a much more effective and convenient way. Hence, this is no doubt a powerful tool. But, while a business is trying this platform for the first time or a pro using it, in any case, you have to be careful. Otherwise, even a single mistake could backfire on you, if you aren’t promoting your brand in the right way. 

Don’t stress anymore! We have got your back. We have curated the guide to help you in creating a brand new Instagram for your business.

Why should you use Instagram for branding?

Many businesses or organizations are using social media as a platform to boost their brand value. This provides a convenient and effective way to communicate their brand values with their consumers. Strategic planning and implementation lead to boosting brand value. 

Social media accounts are beneficial in an array of ways. Nowadays, people prefer searching for different brands through social media to get to know more about their services. Thus, you too need social media to account, especially Instagram, to boost your brand value. 

Additionally, once you create an account, the next step is to post frequently onto it. Even if you don’t get enough time posting content regularly, ensure to keep your brand name, profile picture, address, email ID, contact number, etc. always visible and updated for potential clients. 

Next, when you have a designated account for your brand, it boosts trust amongst your client base. It ultimately leads to the possibility of people tagging you in their posts. Furthermore, it ensures endorsing your brand value. It also ensures that you sell your products in a much more efficient and convenient way. When you use different content, hashtags, or tags, you are enabling a larger group of people to know about your business. 

Lastly, it is a great platform to be in touch with your competitors. You may plan for collaborations with them or keep abreast of what is trending and what’s not. 

In persuasion, you will get to know the guide to how to rebrand your Instagram in the rundown below.

How to rebrand your Instagram?

Now, when you know why you can use a social media account to promote your business, the next step is to understand and learn the right way to rebrand social media or how to rebrand your Instagram. don’t stress anymore! We have got your back. We have curated the essential steps that you need to follow to rebrand social media posts examples. 

Develop a plan: when you are planning to give your business an altogether new direction, the first and foremost thing is to develop a plan. Carefully and strategically plan for what are your goals and how to rebrand yourself on social media. 

In addition, you need to make a daily schedule. It will direct you about daily postings and the baby steps towards accomplishing your goals. 

Implementation of visual space: next, is to create an account that is as real as you are in day-to-day life. For this, I plan to hire graphic designers. They are creative heads in designing innovative and extraordinary brand logos. All of it will add-on to make your brand identity all-real virtually. 

Establishing a re-branding tone: you already have an account but it isn’t that interactive or appealing. Do you agree with this? Yes! Then it is the right time to rebrand yourself. You can be as creative as you prefer. In addition, there isn’t any harm in showcasing to your potential buyers that you are rebranding and working harder for them. 

Interacting with your audience: the next and the most crucial step is to constantly be in touch with your audience. When rebranding, don’t hesitate to let your audience know every bit of it. Interact as much with your audience as possible. Additionally, you need to respond to your follower’s emails, messages, comments, or queries. 

Gradually changing or rebranding: always remember to not aim for brand new Instagram or rebranding posts in an instance. Change takes time and the same change is long-lasting. Thus, it is crucial to aim for changing or rebranding your social media account slowly and gradually. If you plan to change everything in a single go, you may end up facing a lot more criticism than appreciation. It is no wonder, human tendency is after all. We all are humans and we are slightly off to changes taking place around us. 

Connecting with other brands or communities: lastly, don’t hesitate or refrain from following and being in touch with your competitors. You may plan to collaborate with other brands and keep yourself abreast of the latest happenings in the market. 

These are the step-to-step guide for how to rebrand your Instagram and answer your query about how to rebrand your Instagram. Now, when you know everything, it is high time to rebrand yourself.

How to delete Instagram feed?

It is quite a user-friendly platform. Whether it is about posting or deleting any post from your feed, it is very simple. Here we have explained the way to delete your feed. Follow the rundown of steps to delete your feed. 

  • Firstly, tap open the post that you wish to delete. 
  • You will see 3 dots on the upper right side.
  • Secondly, tap onto these three dots. Select the delete option there. 
  • Finally, you need to confirm your selection. Hurray! You have successfully deleted your Instagram post.


This was all about how to rebrand your Instagram. There is no doubt that social media accounts are a powerful platform that can be immensely beneficial for brands. All you need is to keep your account updated and active throughout. If you haven’t thought of it yet. Don’t stress! Follow our above-mentioned guide and rebrand your Instagram account today. You will reap numerous benefits from rebranding your social media account.


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