How to Recycle Baby Bottles and Donate Them

For a newborn baby, we buy a lot of baby stuff and after some time, we will look for some ways to dispose of them. Some of the old baby items include baby bottles, strollers, nipples, pacifiers, etc. Instead of disposing of them, you can recycle baby bottles. Similarly, other old baby stuff is recyclable or you can donate them to others for using them.

In this article, let us discuss clearly about such facts to make use of the old baby stuff.

What To Do With Used Baby Bottles?

Before you decide to recycle baby bottles, let us see the various things that you can do with used baby bottles.

  • Use the old baby bottle as traveling containers to store snacks
  • You can use them as a supply container or store the paintbrushes
  • Gift them to your toddlers to use such bottles for playing
  • Even you can use them in your kitchen as a measuring cup
  • After checking the number on the bottom, you can decide are baby bottles recyclable or simply dispose into the garbage plastic bin
  • If you can’t recycle baby bottles, you can donate them to a hospital, animal shelter, or zoo. Based on the condition of your bottle, they will either go for picking or rejecting them

How Long Can You Keep Old Baby Bottles?

According to podiatrists, one should use BPA-free baby bottles for not more than six months period. In case, if you use non-BPA-free baby bottles, you should use them for just three months. In this case, if you use glass bottles, you should check for scratches or chips over the bottles carefully. This is how you can keep your old baby bottles. But to recycle baby bottles, you need to go for only BPA-free baby bottles.

Where To Donate Old Feeding Bottles?

Some people will have a massive collection of feeding bottles in their homes. So, they may look for ways to recycle baby bottles or simply dispose of them. Before doing any action, you need to check the label of the bottle. Another way is to visit the internet to check about your bottle and how it is manufactured. Bottles that are marked with the number 2 indicate that they use high-density polyethylene. It is a recyclable plastic material which you also found in other things like

  • Milk Jugs
  • Juice Jugs
  • Soda Bottles
  • Shampoo Bottles

So, if your old baby bottles are in good condition, you don’t have to throw them but you can recycle baby bottles. Sometimes, bottles are rarely used for feeding, and in such a situation, can you donate baby bottles? Yes, of course, you can donate them to those needy people. 

In case, if the bottles are turned yellow or got many scratches, you should not donate them to others. But you can call and ask about the donation to a nearby animal shelter. Based on the bottles’ condition, they will go for picking your bottle. So, chances are low based on the condition.

Instead of donating the baby bottles, you can recycle baby bottles or use them for other reasons such as

  • Pen holders
  • Snack box
  • Measuring unit
  • Playing accessories

Are Bottle Nipples Recyclable?

Most people have this doubt are bottle nipples recyclable? But, there is no recycling process for bottle nipples happening widely as you can recycle baby bottles. Most pediatricians suggest parents change the bottle nipples frequently. The reason is that the nipples contain harmful bacteria in them and thus, they are not recommended to reuse. 

In case, if you use silicone nipples, you can expect the recycling process in some cases but not widely. If they are in rubber, you need to dispose of them at your household waste recycling bin. The recycling of rubber happens on a large scale only. Thus, it is great doubt about recycling bottle nipples. Thus, in most cases, one can recycle baby bottles except the nipples.

Where To Donate Used Old Baby Items?

If you are looking to donate baby gear, there are some places present in every city that accept and need your old baby gear. The best places to donate your used baby gear include,

  • Women’s shelters
  • Day Camps
  • Daycares

Such places may accept your old baby gear like cribs, swings, mattresses, toys, etc. Since the above places depend on donated items, this is the best way to eliminate the old baby gear from your home. Before visiting such charity centers near you, you need to make a call and confirm whether they accept your donation.

Some organizations may not accept expired old baby gear like strollers, seats, etc. In such a situation, you should not take your things to organizations without knowing about them. The first thing is that you should know ‘where to donate baby items’ and then go for it.

Donate These Baby Items:

One can donate the following baby items if they are in good condition.

  • Bedding
  • Clothing
  • Changing tables 
  • Diaper bags
  • Cribs
  • Strollers
  • Baby swings
  • Baby bathtubs
  • Bouncers
  • High chairs

Avoid Donating These Baby Gear:

You need to avoid donating the below-mentioned items, as the charity centers will not accept them mostly.

  • Bathing suits
  • Jumpers
  • Large swings
  • Outside toys
  • Uniforms 

How To Recycle Baby Stuff?

Recycling your old baby gear is the best way to eliminate such old items from your home and can save a lot of space too. The best way to recycle the old baby gear is using the companies where recycling programs are there.

For instance, if you have an old stroller, you can go for the stroller recycle option using such a program. You can even donate such expensive items to needy families too. To know about recycling companies, you can visit online, as many recycling companies are available over there like TerraCycle. Even website like ‘Recycle your Carseat’ is there to get help.

The Bottom Line:

I hope, this article gives you enough information about how to get rid of old baby gear such as recycling and donating them.

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