I Wish I Had Never Been Born

Are you lately pondering over I wish I had never been born? Yes! Then you aren’t alone and have come to the absolute right place. Most of the time, we feel helpless and depressed amidst the ongoing challenges of day-to-day life. The negative thoughts surround us. We feel less motivated and more depressed and then all of a sudden, the thought of our existence is in complete doubt. 

Why do we even exist on this planet? This is what we start to ponder over. Is this happening with you too? Don’t despair! First of all, you are not the only one feeling this and doubting your existence. This is a question that could affect even the most soughed ones.

If you are the one feeling this, it could mean a number of things. As every person is different and so are their challenges and struggles. In a similar way, this depressing phrase means different in different person’s lives. 

But, we have curated the details that you need to know beforehand and the tips to deal with this depressing phase in a better way. Also, you need to always remember that you aren’t alone feeling this. In case, you are feeling something similar to I wish I never existed, talk to your loved ones or at the best solution talk to a professional. 

Why do I sometimes feel I wish I had never been born?

Most people don’t know to cope up with the distressing and complex life challenges. Thus, when things become unmanageable and start to get out of control, it is natural to feel like I wish I had never been born. Again, it could mean different things in a different person’s life. But, everyone can certainly learn better ways to cope up with such feelings. If not taken proper care of at the right time, it could turn out to be a detrimental situation for anyone.

All you need to do is to regain senses and strength and seek for the right people to talk to. It may be your loved ones or at the best the professionals. They have better skills and are highly experienced and trained. They can listen to the truth behind all these sudden feelings like sometimes I wish I was never born. 

In persuasion, seek their support. They are the one-stop destination to provide you with the right guidance and counseling. In turn, you are prepared in a better way to deal with all these negative and distressing feelings. 

Is the feeling of I wish I had never been born is natural?

Yes! The feeling of I wish I had never been born is very natural. Thus, can happen to anyone. Even the strongest and the most immune person who generally remain unaffected from life’s distresses or challenges may have such thoughts. You have a rocking life. Everything is perfect and a fairy tale. All of a sudden something happens and the whole world seems to go upside down. You end up with the feeling I wish I was never born. Natural….yes! Very natural!

We are the supreme creatures on this planet with senses and the strongest willpower. So, the small challenges and distresses don’t tend to affect us. But, when something serious happens in your family or to you. Like the death of a loved one, serious illness of loved ones, or financial crisis like bankruptcy which turn the world upside down. You cannot help but feel distorted and broken.

Additionally, divorces and illnesses in the family are other reasons that leave you feeling I wish I had never been born. In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, there are an array of reasons that will let you feeling broken. People are different so are their challenges and so are their strengths and mental endurance.

Don’t stress! Calm down! Finally, regain your senses and strength! Furthermore, walk straight to a professional to seek the right help at the right time. Always remember you are precious and so is your life. 

What to do when you feel like I wish I had never been born?

There are a number of things that you can do to self-help. The best way is to indulge in the things that truly provide you joy and happiness. It again varies from person to person. The best way to begin is to indulge in your long-forgotten passions. You may be a sports person, a book lover, or a painter, whatever is there that gives you happiness and purpose plus meaning to your life. Don’t refrain from doing that, do it, you will be glad you did. 

Tell me something you wish you were born with

Next, if you are feeling I wish I wasn’t born then there is something you miss in your life. You are currently feeling incomplete. It might be anything. If I ask you to tell me something you wish you were born with, what will be your answer? 

Just think about it hard and then answer this question. What is that one thing you long for? The thing that is making your existence in question.

Do you want more money, superpowers, different hair, good looks, blue eyes, or intelligence? Yes! No! Or Maybe! Well, there is no limit to the imagination capabilities we humans have. If we start to imagine what all we amiss in life, there will be a long list. But, most of that is nothing just our infatuations. What we are discussing here is something more serious than that.

Moreover, there aren’t any individuals who should have never been born. Everything happens for a reason and everyone’s existence is for some reason. All you need to do is to identify your purpose in life. 


This was all about the natural feeling of I wish I had never been born. If you are the one feeling this lately, don’t delay and immediately connect to the professionals. The ones who designate in providing the right help to help you cope up with the situation and challenging phase of life. All you need to do is to always remember you aren’t alone in this world. It is common to feel distressed and purposeless in life but, learn to fight it off like a warrior. 

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