Intel Core i7 10700 Vs 10700K Review

Recently, Intel released a new code name ‘Comet Lake U” that succeeds both Coffee Lake U and Whiskey Lake U. Here Intel uses the Comet Lake microarchitecture. Intel releases this 10th Generation Comet Lake U to take over the older 9th Generation CPUs.  Here we are going to discuss such two Intel processors i7 10700 vs 10700k.    

Intel Core i7-10700K

This high-end desktop CPU uses the Comet Lake architecture. Here the CPU offers 16 threads and 8 cores. It offers such output at a frequency of 3.8 to 5.1 GHz. Coming to the TDP of this CPU, it is at 125 Watt for PL1. But for the PL2, it is set to 229 Watt for some time around 56 seconds.

Intel Core i7-10700

This core processor is a high-end 10th generation desktop CPU. Again, it uses the same Comet Lake Architecture. Here the core processor provides 8 cores and 16 threads. So, the frequency is set at 2.9 to 4.8 GHz. All the cores may run at a frequency of up to 4.6 GHz.

When you compare i7 10700 vs 10700k, the 10700 allows Hyper-Threading now. Thus, in some of its applications, it provides a nice performance boost. This is somewhat similar to the single-core performance.

At Intel, this chip is designed in a 14nm++ process. Here the TDP is around 65 Watt (PL1) but for the PL2, it may go till 224 Watt. This PL2 will go to such power for a short period of around 28 seconds.

  • Power Consumption 

For any processor that you buy, it will have a peak power consumption rate which is Thermal Design Power (TDP). Most of the markets use this value to signify the peak power consumption rate. 

Coming to the high-performance processors, they use a feature named Turbo. In the case of the turbo, it allows the processor to cross its rated frequency for a limited time. It is known as Turbo Power Limit (PL2). Sometimes, this turbo value will go as high as 2.5 times the rated TDP.

Many are depending on devices like Amazon solar charge controllers to keep their batteries from overcharging. It can be expensive. That is why efficient power-consuming processors are required.  

Now, let us discuss the power consumption in the two processors i7 10700 vs 10700k. The Intel Core i7-10700K is a high-performance CPU as it comes with 205 Watts power as an output. But the core i7-10700 comes with 215 Watts detected peak power as an output. Both of them seem to have heavy power on throughput. Also, when you compare this core i7 processor with other models, it uses more power than other series like Xeon W-1200 series.

To compare i7 10700 vs 10700k, the graph is drawn using threads loaded and power consumption parameters. As a result, both i7 processors have the same type of curves. After analyzing them, we got three distinct stages such as,

  • Core i7-10700K consumes more power up to 3 cores
  • Both the processors are identical between 3 cores to 7 cores
  • Intel i7-10700 uses much power at 8 cores only
  • Intel Core i7 10700 vs 10700k Gaming Performance Comparison 

When you compare the i7 10700 vs 10700k, in terms of gaming performance, Intel Core i7-10700K is much better than i7-10700. For running the latest games, Intel i7-10700K serves as the best option. Intel released both the core i7-10700 and core i7-10700K at the same time, so there is not much difference that you could find in them.

In terms of CPU, both of them offer you a powerful performance. So, there is no need to change from one core processor to the other for a better gaming experience. Both can run even the most demanding games on the Internet. This is because they have powerful GPUs. If you are playing games like Pokemon Go and aim to get blue background Pokemon Go, i7-10700 vs i7-10700k is the best. You can easily catch the Pokemon in twenty-four hours with the exceptionally performing CPU. It can make your gaming experience unparalled. 

Both cores i7 10700 vs 10700k have the same number of cores 8. Thus, just to play the games, these many cores are not needed, as games are not going to control all these cores. But if you are running the games on the server with the CPU, you can use this i7 core CPU.

Coming to the number of threads, both i7 10700 vs 10700k have the same 16 threads. For gaming, the number of threads is an irrelevant thing. Both of these cores use hyperthreading too. Thus, for games, you should have at least 2 to 4 threads and hyperthreading for good performance. 

For gaming, the most crucial thing is the clock rate than the threads and cores. Though the two CPUs are from the same family, they will vary in clock cycles per instruction (CPI).  For comparing i7 10700 vs 10700k, you need to know the cache sizes of L1, L2, and L3.

For Intel Core i7-10700

  • L1 cache size is 512 KB
  • L2 cache size is 2048 KB
  • L3 cache size is 16 KB
  • For Intel Core i7-10700
  • L1 cache size is 512 KB
  • L2 cache size is 2048 KB
  • L3 cache size is 16 KB

Both the cores have the L1, L2, and L3 cache sizes and thus, one can’t compare the gaming experience in terms of cache sizes. 

  • Core i7-10700 Pros

  • Serves as the best processor for gaming 
  • It is a relatively new processor in the market that uses Comet Lake architecture
  • Core i7-10700 comes with a CPU cooler and thus, saves your money of $25-$90.
  • For gaming and other tasks, it comes with an excellent boost clock speed
  • Core i7-10700 Cons

  • It comes with a low base clock speed
  • Core i7-10700K Pros

  • Serves as the best CPU for multitasking and gaming
  • With its excellent i7-10700K all core boost speed at 5.1 GHz, it is best for gaming
  • It is also a relatively new processor in the market
  • Core i7-10700K Cons

  • Expensive processor
  • Power consumption is high
  • It doesn’t come with a CPU cooler, so you need to spend extra money for buying a CPU cooler


Thus, i7 10700 vs 10700k in terms of gaming, one can go for choosing the core i7-10700K for getting a wonderful experience. 


  • What is the maximum memory size of core i7-10700?

The maximum memory size of i7-10700 is 128 GB. Thus, it offers you better performance.

  • Which is best for gaming i7-10700 vs i7-10700k?

For gaming, i7-10700K serves as the best option, as it comes with an impressive base clock speed of 3.8 GHz.  It offers the fastest gaming experience for users

  • What is the turbo frequency of core i7-10700K?

The turbo frequency of core i7-10700K is 5.3 GHz but for the core i7-10700, it is around 5.3 GHz.

  • What is thermal design power (TDP)?

The thermal design power (TDP) is the maximum amount of heat that the computer chip may generate in the worst scenario. 

  • Is overclock possible in i7-10700?

Intel i7-10700 has a base clock of 2.9 GHz and it allows boosting up to 4.8 GHz. There is no option to increase the speed beyond this limit.


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