Is fàcebook Getting Shut Down? Detailed Report

No doubt, fàcebook is the most promising social media network. It has a maximum number of active users. For example, 2.91 billion. Recently, it changed its business name to Meta. The founder Mark Zuckerberg has a vision of Metaverse. And it mainly corrects the negative publicity of the company.

In addition, an ex-employee announced that the company only focuses on financial profits. Therefore, the company wants to improve the negative image and focus on people’s emotions.

Return with the new change

The new change to the company is a blessing for the parent company. It is because they can focus on facebook Instagram, and WhatsApp significantly. They can even focus on VR and AR. And the rules and regulations are not too hard. The company is trying hard to be a part of the social media community. In addition, bringing up the new change with lots more excitement.

It leads to many speculations among the users. Therefore, they think that is Facebook getting shut down? And this question leads to people’s confusion. They think that social media will go away like any other social media.

Facial recognition threat

The company claims that it will remove the facial recognition data of almost one billion users. The software automatically detects the people in the videos or photos. Therefore, it tags them on Facebook automatically.

The technology of facial recognition comes as a question against the company. And it even questions the ethics of the company. Changing the company’s name to Meta is to cover up the debate of facial recognition technology. And encourage the creators to earn money differently. Hence, they doubt that the platform will shut down.

Mark Zuckerberg wants Metaverse as a reality, and for this, he needs a lot of money and investment. Therefore, fàcebook generates revenue to help the founder bring the Metaverse into the perfect reality. Hence, social media services are the only way to help him achieve his dream. In addition, it gives him the goal of virtual reality into the actual world.

Confusion on Facebook shutdown

The announcement of facial recognition removal news led to confusion among the people. They think that fàcebook itself is shutting down. But, that is not true, and it resolves the issues soon to make it impactful.

Until it suffers from major Facebook issues that are unforeseen, the company is not going anywhere. But, it can cause danger, leading to a significant impact. And get a clear picture that the company is still here to revolutionize the social media world.

The issues related to fàcebook are inseparable. The recent charge against social media is that it does not monitor the hateful comments on the social media platform.

As per the current report, in Europe, both Instagram and Facebook will shut down for the coming few months. Well, it claimed to stop the profit and loss effects. Therefore, it is a massive blow to the giant social media platform. In this blog, let’s discuss the real issue.

What is the real issue?

Instagram and Facebook depend on user data. And, it is the absolute truth of the social media giant. But Europe does not want to be a part of this source. In addition, it wants to cut off sharing data with the platforms. It came to light when Europe was strict with the data security law with GDPR, i.e., General Data Protection Regulation.

After this, fàcebook is dependent on the EU-US Privacy Shield, which regulates the data transfer. It helps the social media giant to operate under this shield. And it helps them continue the business across the continent.

But the shield and its agreement were not appropriate. The court allows all the companies to follow SCC, i.e., Standard Contractual Clauses. Therefore, you can enable the data transfer from Europe to other continents. But, still, it will be about GDPR.

For almost 1 and 1/2 years, fàcebook has followed these rules and operated social media, but it has no guarantee. The reason is because the court may declare SCC scrap and soon abolish it. Therefore, it is tough for the social media giant to operate in and around Europe.

Europe’s Reaction

The European officials Bruno Le Maire and Hobert Habeck announce that if Meta does not follow the rules and the regulations on the social media platforms, it will be banned entirely from Europe.

Now, this is a big blow in the business. And a life without Facebook will surely cut down the impact of social media image. And, it even creates a significant impact on their business profits and losses and human life. So, it is a significant setback and harms the overall business of social media channels across Europe.

Damage Control of Meta

After such strictness, Meta company has to pull out the business from Europe. But Meta released an official statement that says the company is threatening to transfer its mechanism, but that is not true.

They have no plan to withdraw the business from Europe. But the reality is that Meta is based on data transfer. So, they are in negotiation about privacy protection. And hence keeping all the communities safe and even connected through fàcebook.


Therefore, the talk in the process continues, and it is seen that fàcebook is trying to control the damage exponentially. It wants to balance Europe’s rules and regulations in the data security process.

It ensures that fàcebook will continue to operate without face recognition technology. In addition, they are in words with the Government to neutralize the matter. And make it practical for the European community. It helps them to use social media without any user hassle.

Also, it agrees to provide the users with protection and protect the users’ information. It will help the social media company to secure the users’ data. It also says that it will work hard to continue the service. After all, the vision of the Facebook founder is clear to give shape into reality.


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