Lightning bolt haircut Ideas for men and kids

The lightning bolt haircut is one of the best ways for men to show their personality. That is why many people choose this haircut as they want to look bold and fun. It is a cool haircut that anyone can sport with ease. The barber will shave the hair on one side of a person and as a result, they will have an intricate lightning bolt on the side. 

Further, the size of the lightning bolt in the haircut depends on the choice of the person. There are also many designs available like the flash lightning bolt haircut. If you want to have a lightning bolt hair cut you can also pair it with a boy’s mohawk, a platinum afro top or more. Here you can find all the interesting details about the lightening bold haircut and also different ideas for the haircut. 

  • Flash lightning bolt haircut

The Flash lightning bolt in haircut will make you the centre of attention anywhere you go. Flash is a super-fast hero who is quick to save people. The lightning bolt design on his superhero uniform is the favourite of many fans. So that is why they like to get a flash lightning bolt haircut. 

So does lightning bolt mean anything in haircut? It means that you are a great supporter of the hero Flash and you want to follow the qualities that Flash shows in his life. It is a great style statement too. Therefore you can get a flash lightning haircut. The haircut has the design of a circle with a bolt inside it. It is the favourite haircut of many children too. Hence you can also choose Flash kids lightning bolt hair cut for your children. 

  • Lightning bolt mohawk 

The lightning bolt in haircut paired with the Mohawk is a great hair cut. It is a cool haircut for kids too. You can make the haircut hold all day with a little bit of hairspray. The sides of the hair will get shaved but the middle will have the Mohawk. Oftentimes the Mohawk is styled at a medium length. Plus, the shaved part of the head will be in the shape of a lightning bolt. It looks sharp and clearly visible at every angle. That is why it is the best lightning bolt hair cut. 

  • Lightning bolt design with colour 

If you want to try the bold design but with a little bit of colour then you can choose the lightning bolt design with colour. This is the best lightning bolt haircut for teenagers because it is in style. If you want to pop out you can go for the colours like platinum and gold. 

You can also add a little bit of platinum on both sides. It will add to the detail. If you go to a reputed barbershop they will know how to make your haircut look perfect with a great colour combination. Further, you want you can also choose this haircut for your kids because they look surely look adorable in it. 

  • Lightning bolt shaved design 

The lightning bolt shaved design will help you to get a hair cut that does not crease or damage your natural hair. You can have lightning hair with this amazing haircut. The barber will use a shaver to create the lightning bolt on the head. 

Apart from that, this great design on your hair will increase your confidence, personality and style. There are a lot of options for the guys to create the lightning bolt shaved design on the head. So choose this type of lightning bolt hair cut. 

  • Lightning hair tattoo 

The hair tattoo has become increasingly popular nowadays as many like to shave the hair on their heads into the different patterns they like. Through this, they like to express themselves. Besides, the lightning hair tattoo is the trend of shaving the head in the design of different lightning shapes. It is one of the famous haircuts of undercut hairstyles. You can also be in touch with the trend by choosing the lightning bolt in a hair cut. 

  • Harry Potter lightning bolt

Are you a Potter Head? Then this is the best haircut for you. You can choose the popular lightning design of Harry Potter and have it on your head. It looks cool and you can make a good statement. Plus, the barber will make a zig-zag on your head that will look like the patented Harry Potter lightning bolt. You can either have the haircut on your side or the undercut. 

  • Small lightning bolt haircut

The Small lightning bolt haircut is the best option for kids who want to have a lightning bolt haircut. It looks minimal yet eye-catching. Many children have chosen this haircut and it has become popular. Usually, the small lightning bolt hair cut is done on the sides leaving a lot of hair on the middle like spikes. 

  • Lightning Bolt with spider web haircut 

If you are a fan of Spiderman why not try the lightning bolt with spider web haircut. It looks trendy and cool. Most importantly, many hairstylists are specializing in this hairstyle because it is becoming popular. So check some of the pictures of this hairstyle on the internet. 

  • Fade lightning bolt haircut 

This is a creative haircut which you can choose for your hair. It is a haircut that looks like a flash of faded lightning. Also, there are many different types of this hairstyle as they can be combined with other types of Fade lightning bolt haircuts. 

  • Undercut lightning bolt haircut 

Instead of having the lightning bolt hair tattoo on the sides, you can have it as the undercut. This also looks amazing and is a great statement hairstyle. It looks good on kids too. Many types of lightning bolt designs are available to make this undercut haircut pop out. So why not try this. 

  • Hard part lightning bolt haircut 

The hard part is the popular haircut that many men like to have. But to get the best of both worlds you can choose the hard part with a lightning bolt hair cut. Further, the hair will be parted on the side and on the side the lightning bolt hair tattoo will be created perfectly. 


The lightning bolt haircut is a great haircut as it will make you stand out. Choose this hairstyle if you want to try something different and express yourself with a bold statement.

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