MacBook 12in m7 features and specs 2022

Everyone wants to know about the MacBook 12in m7 features. Even though, the launch of this MacBook is in 2015 the hype for it continues. There are both pros and cons of this device. Still, many prefer it due to its ultimate features.

The data and storage capacities are interesting features. Lightweight and superior processors make it peoples favourite. The display features are also perfect for this device. If you are looking for more information about this device then here is MacBook 2016 m7 review.

Key facts about the Macbook 12

Macbook 12in m7 is again popular due to its feature updates. The new feature updates are leading to new purchases. When compared to the base model updated version is more effective. The processor of the MacBook is now better. There is a 1.3 GHz Intel core m7 processor that offers high-speed performance.

Further,  if higher speed is what you expect in MacBook then it is a perfect choice. The M7 processor makes it a modern device for personal and business use. Also, the screen is 12 inches wide. Convenience is all that you can expect from this 12-inch MacBook. In terms of colour, there are lesser choices earlier. 

But, now there are more options for the user. If you did not buy the older 2016 MacBook 12in m7 there is a newer version for you. There are rose, gold, grey and rose gold alternatives for you. The graphics driver has also new updates. The HD 515 graphics in the MacBook 12in m7 amuses many users. Here are much more specifications about the device. 

The newer and better features of MacBook 12in m7    

  • The storage

Flash storage is crucial for any device. The expandable flash memory of MacBook 12in m7 is 256 to 512 GB. It has better storage than any other MacBook version. The motherboard of the device has little advancement. If you require more space in your device then it is the ideal one.

Moreover, the hardware storage speed is another important feature in the MacBook. The storage speed is up to 947 MB. The high storage speed offers fast download and uploading features. The new upgradation in the motherboard of the MacBook is leading to more demand.

  • The high-resolution screen 

The 1 apple MacBook 12 inches is an impressive feature. The HD screen display makes any video attractive. Backlit active retina display offers more colour density. There are more than 226-pixel displays per inch. Have you seen the ultra HD display? If not then the apple MacBook 12 inches is the right device for you.

Further, it is a device that comes with higher resolutions. The device is compatible now with high resolution. Even at a normal viewing display is detectable. Further, there are 900, 1280, 1024 and 640 resolutions. The large screen size makes it suitable for higher resolutions.

  • The processing core and GPU 

The inbuilt processing core of the MacBook is one of the prominent features. The 12/1.3 GHz MacBook is now available for users. Also, the Intel provision by apple is excellent. The MAC OS version 10 is one of the finest processors available. There is a new replacement for a better processor.

Further, the core processor is an important part of any laptop. In this case, the MacBook 12in m7 comes with the best processor. There is an 8 GB capacity of the processor that stores inbuilt and other apps. The graphic memory of the processor makes the MacBook more intuitive. The graphic processor is 5300 better.

  • The sturdy build 

The architecture and build of the MacBook 12in m7 are superior. There is a 4 MB memory and a 3 cache. 8GB RAM of the MacBook is an updated feature of the MacBook. The 2016 version of the MacBook comes with 1600 Mhz. Also, now the 64-bit architecture is the new update in the MacBook.

Further, many prefer the new architecture as they come with more memory space. Downloading any large files is possible through the MacBook. If you are using the MacBook for work purposes you can download a large number of files. Using it to store projects and downloading high memory movies is also possible.

  • The strong battery life 

The Li-poly battery is one of the superior features of the MacBook. The 4.41 WH battery life is better than any laptop. Battery life is important if you use the laptop for long hours. There is a wireless web for charging. 

Besides, there are 11 hours of charge assurance for the laptop. There are 11 hours of play back and movie streaming with the laptop. The 30 days of standby time makes the 29 W USB power. There is a C adapter with which you can quickly charge the MacBook. 

Other smart features of MacBook 12in m7           

Many think that the MacBook 12in m7 is a twin of the existing 2016 version. The body of the newer version has very less changes. However, the size, resolution, memory, core processors of the MacBook has plenty of updates. The architecture of the MacBook is more in the updated version.

Additionally, there is only a single USB C that does not come with any outer gear. The new HDMI port offer convenience for the users. Many laptop makers make a copy of this design of MacBook in their newer versions. All these smart features make the skylake core m MacBook the best in the market.

The hardware notes 

The 12-inch Retina display model is the talk of the town. It is a stunningly sleek and thin laptop. The force touch of the track pad is a feature to learn about. The real click of the MacBook is smooth and comfortable. If you are searching for a comfortable click key on a laptop then the MacBook is a suitable choice.

Also,  the key of the newer version of the MacBook is much different than the older versions. When pressing it feels lighter and soft on the hands. The key surely feels shallower and thin in design. 

There are zero typing problems in the MacBook keys. For fast and accurate typing you can rely on these laptops. Accurate typing is one of the exceptional features of the MacBook. The key in the laptop is placed conveniently. The backlit feature is excellent in the MacBook. 

The intuitive performance 

Editing and creating a video is one of the unique features of skylake core m MacBook. There is 4K resolution in video editing tools. Do you want a laptop that edits your video seamlessly? Then there is the MacBook with no shutter editing. Exporting your video is possible on the MacBook. If you are doing video editing for professional purposes then it is a more useful tool for you.

Besides, there are multi-layer edits in the MacBook that makes editing effortless. Further, there are more impressive apps in the MacBook that can entertain you. There is iTunes, iMessage, safari and mail that make it the best MacBook. There are 10 apps and safari tabs for the users. If you want an entertaining laptop then the MacBook 12 is for you. Opening tabs with the command T option are possible with it. If you are a user who loves 10 apps then this is the right one for you. 


There are both positive and negative opinions about the MacBook 12 2015 version. However, there are only positives about the MacBook 12in m7. If you have an interest in this device then here is the MacBook 2016 m7 review for you.


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