Not Everyone Deserves Your Energy – The Bliss of Silence

No Answer is Your Answer

Communication is an important way to connect with people. It helps to understand and exchange information, knowledge, ideas, and thoughts. This keeps us active thinkers and analyzes situations more critically. Communication should support a positive mindset and develop important skills among us. If there are blocks in communication, it hampers understanding creating discomfort between two or groups of people.

This creates unpleasant issues such as misunderstandings and hurtful sentiments towards each other. It is important to set boundaries to explain yourself to someone. To let others understand your situation is like making them walk in your shoes without any discomfort. It may never happen. And that’s fine. Just accept the fact and keep moving on. You need to realize not everyone deserves your energy.

Accept the fact that we cannot always be optimistic about others and life. In your bad time, avoid blaming others for all the wrongdoings. We should focus more on being accepting what it is and carry on. It is not necessary at all to make others hear us out and agree to our point. It is significant, to have our mind, heart, and soul positive even as we face challenges. If only we can focus on the right energies and power within ourselves we will be able to heal ourselves and get out of the situation victoriously.

Say No to Toxicity

No matter how well you choose your friends and relationships, some of them can get toxic for you in life. As we mature and outgrow gradually in life not everyone doesn’t deserve your energy. People change, their perspective on life and what or how they want to be successful and happy. This may not always be the same as with your friends or acquaintances. Some do accept this change in you happily, others don’t. You need to decide what you have to keep and what needs to be filtered out.

If you are surrounded by people who do not motivate you and encourage you to grow in life, leave them silently. You do not need to argue, explain or wait for their approval to agree with you. Such people or relations will do no good for you. They will trigger you constantly and create self-doubt in yourself. As a result, you lose focus on what’s important for you.

At times not everyone deserves your energy, you need to do this as a conscious effort and respect your boundaries not allowing anyone to cross beyond those limits. It sounds selfish but isn’t. You are just taking care of what is in the best interest of yourself.

Protect Your Sanity 

If you do not protect yourselves from being vulnerable to hurtful comments or being judged we are being unkind for just deserves meaning. Learning to let go and not to justify yourself. Not all your actions need to be informed to others, It is not called selfish, it’s preservation. Allow you not to be validated by all. Your instincts are not your enemies. Noise and People behind your back are not your best friends.

Keep what is important to yourself and let go of what does not serve you. If anybody in this world can value your feelings, emotions, and words is you, yourself. They have the power to transform you into a beautiful person or a wicked mind. Invest them wisely in improving yourself or for the betterment of your loved ones. They will reward you in ways that are beyond measurable.

Your silence will show them that not everyone deserves your energy. Nurture your words, thoughts, feelings, and energy for things that are more fulfilling to you. Drive yourself to be productive. Prioritize what makes you happy and align with the energies. Pursue some meaningful hobbies or develop skills that will improve you as today. Make them a part of your daily life and continue to cultivate them as your reflection.

Also, be inspired to Aspire. Hold yourself strong and motivated. Take pause. Rest & Relax. Or simply do nothing. It’s okay! Do not compromise to make others happy, love yourself first. Moreover, as the famous, not everyone deserves access to you quotes says to protect ‘your spirit’

Do-It-Yourself! not everyone deserves your energy.

  1. Not Guilty: firstly, keeping yourself away from the bad influence and negativity, is not a sin. Moreover, being carefree and happy is every individual’s entity. Therefore, you thrive for success because not everyone deserves your energy. Hence, the energy that you save by not giving it to those who do not deserve, you are rewarding yourself. You have made the best choice of investing in yourself. So, stop blaming yourself as ‘selfish’ and don’t feel guilty at all. 
  2. New opportunities: Secondly, focus on important opportunities that await. Also, take interest in them, learn something new every day, and lookout for new opportunities. In addition, build and develop your personality and skills that will pay off well in the future. Also, keep yourself abreast with changing demands and find your niche. Moreover, create a good and healthy network channel.
  3. Challenging Avenues: Thirdly, do not allow yourself to remain in your comfort zone for too long. Thus, challenge whatever you have learned and innovate yourself every time. Moreover, surprise yourself and others by exploring some challenging avenues. Also, these can be those corners of your life, where you might discover yourself more deeply. In addition, it does not matter about the outcome is successful or not. Furthermore, enjoying the moment and cherishing it is what matters.
  4. Humble Gratitude: Fourthly, take a moment to be thankful and appreciate your success stories and achievements. Again, if no one applauds you for it, celebrate yourself not everyone deserves your energy. Moreover, you know how much it has mattered to you and what has been sacrificed to achieve it.
  5. Spread Love: Finally, give love and feel love in whatever you choose to do. Also, do not get bitter from your journey of life learning lessons. Furthermore, you will be respected if you show respect to others. Moreover, it indicates maturity and wisdom in you.

So, this was to enlighten you about not everyone deserves your energy. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and experience the bliss of silence for yourself.


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