Nvidia Geforce GTX470 The most effective graphics cards

Nvidia Geforce gtx470 – Different names know a graphic card. GPU, display card, video card, etc are the other names of a graphic card. The GPU supplies output images to the computer monitor. A graphic card might not be of importance for office use. However, if you love gaming, you have to choose the graphic card properly. In this modern era where more and more people give equal weightage to work and entertainment, the choice of graphic cards becomes vital. Is GTX 470 good for gaming? Let us consider this in detail.

More about graphic cards

Before we go into the details of the graphic cards and specifically the Nvidia Geforce gtx470, let us understand the concept behind the use of graphic cards. A desktop computer will have a graphics processing unit (GPU). It is responsible for processing the discrete or dedicated and integrated graphic cards.

Types of graphic cards

Now, let us consider the difference between discrete and integrated graphics cards. Usually, the graphics card will be in the form of a printed circuit board. You may also refer to it as an extension board. Those inserted into an expansion slot like the Nvidia Geforce gtx470 are called discrete graphic cards. However, the cards connected to the computer using a docking station or cable are called integrated graphics cards.

Integrated graphics card- the pros

  • An integrated graphics card is economical compared to Nvidia Geforce gtx470 or any other equivalent.
  • The Nvidia Geforce GTX 470 or Nvidia Geforce gtx 470 equivalent dedicated graphic card will consume more power than an integrated graphics card.
  • Battery life will be long when you have just an integrated graphics card.
  • An integrated graphics card will suffice for watching movies or playing 2D games.

The Cons of integrated graphics card

  • You will not be using it to play high-resolution games
  • High-end graphics designing is not possible

Dedicated Graphics Card – The Pros

  • First of all, a dedicated graphics card like Nvidia Geforce gtx470 will have its own GPU. This means it will not depend on your system’s CPU for functioning. A lesser load on the CPU will help improve the system’s performance.
  • When you opt for a dedicated graphics card like Nvidia Geforce gtx470 with 1gb Vram you can play graphically demanding games without disruptions. You can enjoy the games with reasonable frame rates and lagging issues.
  • Next, the dedicated graphics card will offer excellent driver support, Nvidia Ge force GTX 470 and its equivalents like Evga Nvidia Geforce gtx470 1.25 gb. Now, what is the significance? The card manufacturers will release new drivers. You can download and use them.
  • Further, video editing can be done easily. Also, the graphics card will have the resources to process or compress videos. Lastly, you will enjoy High definition video experience.

Cons of dedicated graphics cards

  • To begin with, the dedicated graphics card will increase the cost of the system.
  • You will find that the system generates excessive heat when you use dedicated graphics cards like Nvidia Geforce GTX470.  

When you opt to have a dedicated Nvidia Geforce 

  • gtx 470  or any other powerful graphic card for your laptop, could make it heavier.
  • Since a dedicated graphics card draws power from the power supplying unit for calculations and processing, the power consumption will be greater than that of an integrated graphics card.

What you should look for in a graphics card?

You have several dedicated graphics cards in the market. However, it is better to take the guidance of an expert to choose the dedicated graphics card that will suit your system, be it a desktop or a laptop. You might be aware that the graphics cards have been manufactured by just two popular players in the market nvidia or AMD. However, irrespective of the brand factors, you should consider include


As mentioned earlier, a dedicated 

graphics card can be expensive. But, there is no use paying a huge sum on a graphics card for a PC. Probably, you may consider spending 30% of the cost of a PC on a GPU.


The heat output will be greater in the case of a high-performance. However, it is possible to use cooling fans to reduce or properly distribute the heat.


You get graphic cards that come with 2-12 gigabytes of VRAM. However, you might consider that there is no need to consider the memory aspect. But, it is better to have a 4GB graphics card for a System with a memory capacity of 8GB. This will ensure optimum performance.


Bandwidth refers to the amount of memory a GPU will access at a given time. A greater bandwidth indicates a better data feed. This means that the game and video graphics run with greater clarity and seamless. However, the bandwidth is determined by two factors: Clock speed and card bus width of the graphics card.

Features of Nvidia Geforce gtx 470

Before we go into the features of the Nvidia Geforce gtx 470 let us consider, How old is GTX 470? The Geforce gtx is available since12th April 2020. You cannot consider that the dedicated graphics card is too old. However, there has been an increase in the number of graphics cards from Nvidia and other manufacturers. This makes it seem old. Before we go into comparisons let us consider the features of Nvidia Geforce gtx 470.

The features

  • It is a Fermi architecture card for desktop use. You can play games seamlessly.
  • 40nm manufacturing process is used for developing this graphic card.
  • The GDDRS of 1280 MB memory. It clocks 1.67 GHz.
  • New games will have 84% of recommended requirements of the new games.  

When you compare Nvidia Geforce gtx470 to 940m across 8 user benchmarks the performance rating of GTX 470 was higher.

To conclude, a dedicated graphics card will meet the expectations of a gamer. However, choose one considering the features and other factors. 

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