Oculus quest 2 not charging: The possible reasons and effective fixes

Does oculus quest 2 not charging? Then do not worry there are ways to fix it. Charger problem occurs in any device. However, if it does not work then the device can easily switch off. There is any problem with the oculus charger there are things to do at home. As we know the oculus quest is a popular gaming solution.

Since its release, there is exceptional interest for this among players. The powerful processor and ultra screen display are things that attract many users. Most of the oculus quest headset works through the battery. However, oculus quest 2 does not charge does not show any indicator light try out these fixes.

How to detect if charger works or not 

Oculus quest charges within 140 to 170 minutes. Many simply think that my oculus quest 2 won’t charge. There is USB dock C or charging docks to power the battery. If you want the device to have a lasting battery then using the company charger is necessary. Like other devices, there is no direct way to see if it is charging.

However, if you think that my oculus quest 2 won’t charge then try these ways. When you see the device in full charge does not leave the charger with a headset. To check the charger level you can use the VR menu on the device. Also, if you are using the oculus quest through a mobile phone then the app can help. All these are possible ways to see whether the oculus quest is working or not.

Reasons for oculus quest 2 not charging  

  • Not properly connected 

When the charger is properly not connected the oculus quest may not work. Oculus quest 2 charger ports must be connected properly. Also, you need to connect the oculus port to the headset. If there is a loose connection then it may not work. If you think that your quest is not charging check the oculus quest 2 charger port connections.

  • Overheating 

Overheating issue is common in many devices. Oculus not charging may occur due to overheating. If your charger is hot then let it cool down for some time. If you find the charger too hot and if you see that oculus not charging then the possible reason is overheating.

  • Playing headset while charging 

In most of the oculus quest charger problems occurs. If there is no proper maintenance then you can also experience it. Using a charger when playing the headset is not proper. Many ask can you play oculus quest 2 while charging. The answer is no. playing the oculus quest while charging can cause many troubles. Due to charger failure, your device charger may not work properly.

  • Auto wakeup feature 

There are many factors for oculus quest 2 not charging. The auto wake-up feature is another factor that can prevent oculus quest from charging. This feature is available in the entire oculus quest. However, turning it on can drain the charger easily. Also, the charger is slow when the device is in this mode.

  • The glitch 

The glitch in the charging port is another factor oculus quest 2 not charging. Sometimes, a glitch may not allow the charger to rise. Some may even witness chargers reducing when using the port. These are some of the possible reasons for oculus quest 2 not charging.

Some of the effective fixes for you 

Try out this troubleshooting if oculus quest 2 not charging.

  • The rebooting process 

If there is an overheating of the oculus quest then rebooting can help. Just a restart can fix this issue effortlessly. For this, you need to switch your oculus quest off. Now for a reboot, all you need is to press the power off and volume button. Press the power off button for about 3 seconds.

Now the device will go into the update mode. Now use the volume button to initiate the boot process. There is also a restart button. The oculus quest will restart without any difficulty. Also, the memory and files will not delete in the process. Now check if the charger is working by connecting it. If there is an orange indicator light then the device is charging. 

  • Checking for any hardware failure 

Oculus quest 2 won’t turn on is because of no charge. If your oculus quest 2 wont turn on then it is due to the charger issue. There can be anything wrong with the charger. Many of the quest users know that the orange indicator says that your device is charging. If this is not happening there is cord damage.

 Wiggle the charging cord. If it does not work you can use a USB power adapter for this purpose. The original charger damages may need a replacement. Therefore, change it as soon as you detect the problem. 

  • Cooling down the battery 

Can you play oculus quest 2 while charging is it a doubt many have? However, playing oculus quest is not proper when charging. This can create overheating problems. Also, the headset can die by doing this. 

This may not happen fast but it can happen after many days of game playing. Try restarting the oculus quest to let it cool down. Holding the power button for 10 seconds can do the task. After the restart, you need to wait for 45 minutes. This will cool down the device and it is ready for playing. 

  • Performing a factory reset 

Factory reset is helpful to prevent any possible glitches. This hack is helping many of the oculus quest users with charging problems. How long to charge oculus quest 2 many wonders. However, 140 min to 170 is the maximum charging hours.

If your oculus quest is not charging after many hours then factory reset the device. After the reset processes wait for a few hours. Now start the oculus quest and start to try inserting the charger.

If the oculus quest 2 not charging then this is the best guide for you. Try the above guide to fix your oculus quest chargers. If none of the above fixes work then you need technical support. The oculus quest is an exceptional device for game players.



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