Orthopterophobia – The essential facts about grasshopper phobia

Orthopterophobia is the phobia of grasshoppers. Having a phobia is common. Every human is extremely fearful of some insects or things in their life. Mostly, people with Orthopterophobia may know that these insects cannot hurt them. Still, they are extremely terrified when they hear see grasshoppers. 

Further, this fear is unwarranted for many of the people with this phobia. There are lots of factors responsible for this fear. Any terrible encounter with insects can cause fear. Also, a serious insect infection is another possible reason for this fear. For some just the appearance of the grasshoppers creeps them out. Do you feel the same way when seeing grasshoppers then you need to know everything about Orthopterophobia. 

The types of phobias with insects

You may wonder why you have the fear of insects. There are lots of reasons for people to have this phobia. Further, a negative experience is the first reason for this fear. Mostly, this scary experience may have occurred in your childhood days. This can become a trauma that causes a lifelong insect phobia. 

Besides, Genetics also plays a major role when having various phobias. If any one of your family members has this fear then you may likely develop this phobia. Whatever the case once this fear occurs it is difficult to control it. Let us see some of the types of insect phobia you need to know about.  

  • Orthopterophobia

Crickets or grasshoppers are insects of the same species. These insects do not hurt humans in any way. They may eat plants and lurk around your garden. Also, there is no possible way that these insects can harm you. Even though you may know that grasshoppers are completely harmless you tend to hate them. 

Further, Even the sound of these crickets can make you dreadful. If you feel terrible by just hearing the word grasshopper or cricket then it is surely a phobia. You may just wonder what is the fear of crickets called ? Orthopterophobia is the exact name for this phobia. Let us see more about the fear of grasshoppers. 

  • Katsaridaphobia

Are you scared of cockroaches? There are high chances that you have Katsaridaphobia. Fear of roaches is one of the common phobias in the world. Most people do not like roaches as they do not look pretty. Also, they are insects that have scary legs and appearance. A person sacred of cockroaches will prevent them from entering their home. 

Further, Traumatic incidents with this insect can spring up this fear. Roaches getting stuck in hair, jumping out of your pants and crawling into the ear are the worst nightmares. At some point in life, you may have experienced this trauma. Also, getting rid of this fear is not simple.

 Moreover, Roaches can easily stay in homes for a long time. They just eat anything from paper to dirt. This makes them live in your house longer and reproduce easily. These are the symptoms if you have the fear of cockroaches. However, with time and age, this phobia can fade away for some people. 

  • Entomophobia

Not only crickets or grasshoppers many people have insect phobia. Insects are scary to see. Especially, no one would want insects such as roaches, crickets or grasshoppers at home. Entomophobia is a term that describes the fear of insects. Irrational fear of insects is what best describes this condition.

Further, Fear of bugs, in general, is a difficult condition. Whenever you see any insect you may feel terrible. People having fear of insects are scared to see even the ants. From small to large bugs can make your day dreadful. Some of the insects that can care if you have entomophobia are roaches, crickets, flies, bugs, mosquitoes and much more. Further, there are lots of symptoms that can occur with this phobia. Also, let us see what all people do when they have entomophobia. 

The symptoms to look out for when you have fear of insects

1. Anxiety 

Unknown anxiety can occur whenever seeing insects you do not like. Fear and anxiety are immediate feelings when having the fear of insects. Seeing or just thinking about the insect can cause this feeling in individuals. Further, sometimes when the insect comes near anxiety can be serious. You may not be able to control the fear when the insect is in your presence. 

2. Being unreasonable 

When having orthopterophobia you may be unreasonable. You may know that insects cannot kill you or cause any harm. Still, having fear of insects can make you unreasonable. You may shout when seeing the insect. Also, when seeing the insect you may run away or do anything to get the insect out of sight. The fear in the case of this insect phobia is just out of control. Getting rid of the inset can make you normal again. 

3. Trouble functioning 

If you have fear of insects you may not function when in fear. Also, you may run to a place to get away from the insect. Or you may just stand still in a place that may make you feel safe from the insect. In any case, you will not move when the cricket or roach is in your sight. Sweating, chest tightness and also crying can occur when you have fear of insects. 

4. Avoiding insects 

If you have orthopterophobia you can go to any extent to avoid the insect. You may avoid the basements, parks or activities that can make you see these insects. Complete avoidance can occur in individuals who have the fear of insects. Further, even going to the place is important you may just avoid it. Shaking or trembling can occur if you sense that the insect can is near. 

All these are possible symptoms a person can face when having orthopterophobia or fear of insects in general. These are common symptoms that can occur to any person having this problem. Just understanding your fear and avoiding insects can help you to cope with it. 

If you want to get rid of this phobia there are several ways to do it. Professional help is effective for many. However, some may not have the fear of orthopterophobia. You can join with these individuals to cope with this fear. Also, there are therapists who can help to cope with orthopterophobia. 


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