r4s dongle best review: Features, uses and benefits 

R4s dongle is a crucial switch for the Nintendo. This newer switch in the market is proving beneficial for various Nintendo tasks. Many users are waiting to know more about this switch to make the best use of it. There are necessary features in the 4s donglethat make it ideal for Nintendo.

Further, one of the uses of this switch is to boot into cm mode. With this feature, you can configure and follow many more exceptional methods. Also, it supports various firmwares which make it effortless to use it. Let us know more details about the r4s dongle for switch. 

What is an r4s dongle? 

Do some users wonder what is r4s dongle? The answer is simple a dongle is a USB C type of port. This play and plug solution makes it effortless to connect with an RMC player. Moreover, play loading for boot in firmware is another exceptional use of it. 4s dongle can support both the XCI games and the NSP game types. 

Through the custom firmware, it is possible to play any type of switch game. Also, the dongle 4s has the appearance of a micro USB. You can determine any files you need to load through this. You can boot and perform other tasks with the dongle on the switch. Plus, there are several benefits of the 4s dongle you need to know about. 

The benefits of using r4s dongle

Free gameplay on custom firmware 

The crucial benefit of using the 4s dongle is its versatility. With this dongle, you are not restricted to playing on certain firmware. You can use it for various OS by reprogramming it. This is one of the finest attributes of using the dongle on customer firmware. 

Furthermore, you can try out both executor and the cfm with this dongle. All you need is to download and enjoy gameplay on any OS. You will not experience any disruption when engaging in your game. Further, configuration on any OS is hassle-free with the 4s dongle. 

Access from any Region 

Some of the Nintendo switch cartridge adapter is limited by the region. However, with the 4s dongle, you will not face any such issue. Using the 4s dongle is effortless. Accessing games and using them is possible from any region. The 4s dongle is licensed that comes with accessibility from any region. 

To run a CFW many think that they require a license. However, with the 4s dongle, the license cost is less. Further, there is no new license required for running the CFW. Easy access is another important benefit of using the dongle. 

The Affordable Cost 

The cost of the 4s dongle is a crucial benefit of using it. Several Nintendo switches can be expensive. However, the 4s dongle is the most affordable one available in the market. The impressive price makes it the best buy. Another great factor about this dongle is that the license and OS are built-in. All you need is to use it for your games. 

Further, buying an i4s dongle is much easier due to its affordable cost. If you wonder where to buy r4s dongle there are plenty of places. There are popular eCommerce websites that offer this for the best price. You can try an online store that looks convenient to you. Also, some of the choices are Amazon, flip kart and much more. On any of these sites, you can purchase the dongle for the cheapest rate. 

Easy Programming 

Another crucial benefit of the 4S dongle is its simplicity. The r4 for switch comes with hassle-free programming. Some may think that they require expert help to program it. However, the programming is easier than you think. With just a few minutes you can do it on your own. 

A computer and a UBS are pretty much everything you need to program. When it comes to the CFW you can use anything you desire. There are plenty of tutorials that can help to set up this 4s dongle. Also, here are a few tips for you to use the dongle effectively. 

The Durable Battery 

When it comes to the battery the 4s dongle has one of the best. It can hold a battery or charge for many hours. Further, the battery capacity can surprise you. This port can work for many hours. When using the dongle you may not have to change the battery often. The best battery is already built. 

Besides this, the switch comes with the best case. The appearance is sleek and compact. The durable battery and portability make it an exceptional switch. All these features enhance the conveniences of using the4S dongle. 

Quick ways to use R4S Dongle

Many users are aware that the 4s dongle comes with exceptional benefits and features. The set is hassle-free which makes it a favourite choice of users. With the right instructions, it takes about 5 minutes to complete the set-up. Even if you are not a tech you can easily do this. If you wonder how to use r4s dongle here are a few ways to do it.

Before setting up the 4s dongle you have all the necessary hardware. All you need for the set is the micro USB. Also, keep r4s ready during the set-up. Further, the next important thing you need is the custom firmware files. There are several firmware files. You can choose any of the custom firmware you desire. 

  1. The first step for setting up is downloading any of the custom firmware files. You can also check the internet to make a decision about which firmware is the best. 
  2. The next step is connecting the r4s dongle to your system. It is not possible to directly connect the dongle to the system. For this you can use the micro USB to connect. 
  3. Now you need to click two times on the dongle. 
  4. After this, you can see that your windows notify you about a new drive. 
  5. Now drag and drop the UF2 file. Further, replace the file where you are asked to. 
  6. Lastly, when the r4s drive vanishes the update is successful. 

Here is the complete 4s dongle review to make the best use of it. You can follow the above steps to effectively set up the dongle.

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