Rhea Bullos: The heart melting story of the young athlete 

People with talent never fail to achieve success in life. Especially people who rise without having many privileges earn the recognition they deserve. Rhea bullos is one such person who receives great applause around the world due to her talent. Many wonder who is Rhea Bullos? She is like any other child with great dreams. However, through her determination, she was able to earn more success at the age of 11. Rhea Bullos is from the Philippines.

She has set a record for running barefoot in field competitions and earning three gold medals. Rhea participated in a 400, 800 and 1500 meters race in all of which she came first and got the gold medal. Also, her race is not ordinary because she did all of this by running with bandaged tape on her feet. Her achievement caught the attention of famous people and brands. Let us get to know more about Rhea Bullos story. Also, let us see if there is rhea bullos Nike response to the story. 

About Rhea Bullos

Rhea is from a small town and set a great example to children of her age and even the adults. She belongs to the Balasan town where she lives with her family. Rhea did participate in a school competition of field race. This event happened in Iloilo a city in the Philippines that is on the island of Panay. In this district, there was a race of 400, 800 and 15500 meters race. 

Further, in this place, it is common to see children running in barefoot. The case of Rhea Bullos is different. Her dream to have real sneakers is visible from her bandaged feet. During the competition, Rhea did not wear any shoes. The fact that she wore bandages like shoes is what surprises many. The bandage has also a Nike mark that looks like she is wearing a shoe. 

Rhea’s dream to wear such a sneaker and her inability to buy one melts the heart of the audience. Soon after the race, the pictures of Rhea Bullos became viral on the internet. Many applaud her for their determination to run the race. Even though she does not have a pair of shoes she could achieve her dream. After viewing these pictures a shopping centre in town invites Rhea and her family. To their surprise, the store did gift a pair of shoes, slippers, socks and backpack for Rhea Bullos. As a young athlete, Rhea did not only prove herself by winning a gold medal but she is an example for other athletes. 

Appreciation from famous people 

After knowing about Rhea Bullo’s efforts some famous personalities took the social media to appreciate her. Both Reddit and Twitter were flooding with comments about the young athlete. Also, many did say how Nike should offer shoes for Rhea and two of her classmates who wore bandaged shoes. Many even started petitions for young athletes. They start to request three Nike shoes for all the three girls. Some mention how Nike should provide a lifetime of free shoes for the Rhea. Stephen Racaza is a person who shared a picture of Rhea and her pictures on social media. 

Further, he put a caption that people should take a look at his two friends of Rhea. All these young athletes performed the race with other 11-year-olds who wore nice shoes. However, Rhea due to her passion won the gold medal in all the three races. After the post of Stephen, many supported free shoes for all the girls. After a few days, the trainer of Bullos also expresses his emotions. On CNN Philippines he says how proud he is of Rhea Bullos.

Plus, he adds that this medal of Rhea makes him very glad. Also, he said how hard Rhea worked. Plus, it is hard for the girls during training as they did not have shoes. Soon many popular people take notice of this news about Rhea Bullos. The CEO Jeff Cariaso of the basketball store and the head of Alaska Aces ask the help on Twitter to contact Bullos. 

Fortunately, Joshua Enriquez who is in contact with the Bullos family helped them to contact her. This heart-melting story of Rhea Bullos did touch the heart of many around the world. After hearing the news about Rhea getting brand new pair of shoes in the local mall many were happy. There are pictures of Rhea Bullos getting pair of shoes, a bag and socks from the mall. It is another picture of her that is becoming viral. 

Did Nike respond to Rhea Bullos 

Did Nike sponsor rhea bullos is a question that is lurking over the internet. After Rhea Bullo’s homemade Nike shoes many start petitioning that Nike should offer her lifetime free shoes. Many are waiting for the response of Nike for the young athlete. However, there are no reports about Nike responding to Rhea Bullos. 

As many know Nike shoes are expensive. Importantly Nike brand has a great reputation among the audience. Many believe that the brand owners would surely respond to Rhea in private. Nike manufactures top-quality sports shoes. Also, they will not hesitate to help young athletes who are dreaming to achieve in sports. 

Greater achievements 

The audience did not miss any chance to appreciate the young athlete Rhea Bullos. Rhea Bullos Olympics appearance is what many are waiting for. Many wonder if she will get the necessary training to appear in the Olympics. Many individuals wish that the exceptional talent of this athlete does not stop here. People want Rhea to achieve more in sports. 

There are also questions if anyone will sponsor Rhea in her upcoming endeavors. Rhea Bullos has caught the attention of popular individuals. Even Jeff Cariosa shared that he was able to contact Rhea Bullos. This gives hope to the people that these people will sponsor Rhea Bullos for the Olympics. 

Rhea bullos is a young athlete who has set an example for all the athletes of her age. If you want to know about her story you can read the above article. 


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