Soundwave vs Shockwave – the most anticipated showdown!

In the world of Transformers, you can say that the names Soundwave Shockwave are common. After all, their roles and their powers in the story leave a lasting impression on loyal fans. For that reason, many are curious about the final outcome of Soundwave vs Shockwave, if it happens. Well, if you also want to know about it, just keep scrolling!

What is Soundwave idw?

First, let’s get to know who Soundwave is. Well, he is the Decepticons’ communication officer. Also, he is a big supporter of Megatron. Furthermore, he is present in the upper atmosphere where he processes a huge amount of signals all at once. In fact, he can take over the communication part at a planet-scale. Moreover, he can get anything done with the help of his minions. Yes, Howlback, Beastbox, Buzzsaw, Ratbat, Rumble, Laserbeak, and Ravage are some of his minions.

Background information about Soundwave

To understand the final outcome of Soundwave vs Shockwave, let’s get to know about him a bit more. On unification day, Soundwave was beside Megatron to see the beginning of a new era. Well, they saw the rule of 2 different bodies go hand in hand for the planet’s sake. Yes, it was the science division of Optimus and the defence force of Megatron. Soon, wanting more power, Megatron dominated Optimus. Meanwhile, Soundwave was a silent spectator of what’s happening near him.

Of course, things saw new developments when the fallen influence overwhelmed Megatron. During that time, Soundwave got to be the captain of Nemesis. Also, this was to take Sarcophagus in search of a star. And, they departed just before the war started. Slowly, the Autobots couldn’t tell Soundwave’s presence. So, on Mar’s moon Phobos, he started his own Decepticon cell. Surely, this freedom allowed him to do what he wants.

Of course, his presence didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, after intense searching for him, his nemesis was able to detect a small amount of faint energy. And, this led to finding him again. Now, he found himself in the future to the year 1961. Next, he plans to stop humans from looting the treasures that the earth has. Now, Soundwave faces new challenges from the earth’s researchers who want to study the crash on the moon.

Fast forward, Soundwave got more humans to work for him to do his will. Next, he left earth in search of the fallen, thinking that they are safe. Of course, this means that also left the space bridge which he mainly used for teleportation. Then, he had a short conversation with the fallen which made him realise that his leader is a captive on earth.

What is Shock wave?

Till now, you came to know more about Soundwave. Next, let’s see who is Shockwave to understand the Soundwave vs Shockwave. For starters, Shockwave is a Decepticon scientist who trusts in logic. In fact, he is one of the deadliest assassins that Megatron has by his side. Yes, he is like a killing machine who can even be on par with Megatron. Furthermore, he can change into a cybertronian tank to do his will. That’s right, no one dares to stand against him and many idolize him for the strength he has.

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Background information about Shockwave

The sudden Shock wave appearance has left the fans quizzed about his entry into the storyline. Well, he joined with Megatron to counterattack the enemy forces. In the end, that alliance gave sentinel Prime victory over his enemies. In turn, this led to getting a new sun to their planet which did not go well with Shockwave. The truth is, he felt lost because his purpose got over. In fact, he openly confessed to Megatron that he didn’t do this for the destination but for the journey which he enjoyed. Well, this is crucial to understand the battle between Soundwave vs Shockwave.

Later, Shockwave set on a quest to find the Allspark which was sent away by Autobots into space. And, that led him to come into the year 1908 in Siberia. There, he was buried while getting healed. Slowly, he realised that his existence was forgotten and any information related to him was burned.  Of course, he didn’t remain forgotten forever. Yes, Megatron found him and even brought Shockwave to Namibia where his current base is. From there, they planned to get their revenge on Autobots. Slowly, Shock waves started to follow what’s happening with Transformers from afar.

At one point, Shock wave sound was heard over all earth. In fact, his sudden appearance on the earth became disturbing news to everyone including Optimus prime. Sooner, he met up with Soundwave and joined with them. And, this led the group to execute many prisoners who were in charge of a gunship belonging to Decepticon.

Soundwave vs Shockwave – who will win?

As you read earlier, both soundwave and shockwave are quite powerful. But, judging from the power perspective of the Soundwave vs Shockwave battle, shockwave is better. After all, Shockwave can give out energy to anywhere he wants within the range of the electromagnetic spectrum. On the other hand, he is known for his scientific experiments in addition to his powerful energy blasts. In fact, you can even say that he is a being that loves logic. To that end, he even tortures lifeforms in the process of studying them. Yes, he is the reason for the existence of multi-form Transformers.

On the other hand, Soundwave is a being that has passion and overwhelming charisma. Perhaps, he got it from Megatron. He is loyal, stubborn, and dedicated to the cause. Yes, he is the exact opposite of Shockwave. Of course, Soundwave can win if it’s a single fight. But, Shockwave will not do it unless he is sure that he will win.

The final verdict – Soundwave vs Shockwave

Well, the expected end result of Soundwave vs Shockwave is what the fans believe to happen. So, you will have to wait and see for the real outcome.


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