Taylin Gallacher 

You may have heard about Taylor Lewan’s because he is a popular NFL and Tennessee Titans star. But do you know who Taylor Lewan wife is? Her name is Taylin Gallacher and she is the supportive and beautiful wife of the player. They got married in 2018 in a ceremony in Big Sur, California. Many of the Titan’s star players attended the wedding and wide receiver of the team Michael Campanaro shared a picture of the event. Also, the other players who took part in the marriage event were Marcus Mariota and linebacker Will Compton. 

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Here you can find all the details about Taylin Gallacher because a few facts about her are interesting for us to know. Although she is the wife of a famous player she has never made lots of public appearances and keeps her life low key. But still, there are some things about her for us to know. 

Who is the husband of Taylin Gallacher? 

Taylor Curtis Lewan is the husband of Taylin Gallacher. He was born on July 22, 1991, in Loomis, California and he is the American football tackle for the Tennessee Titans in NFL. In his college football career, he played for Michigan where he twice got first-team All-American honours. Then he was selected by the Titans in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. His age is thirty years. 

The names of Taylor Lewan’s parents are Dave Lewan and Kelly Riley. His father Dave was an offensive lineman at the University of Minnesota. In his professional career, he was achieved many successes which makes his overall career appear great. When he was picked by Tennessee Titans he signed a four-year $11.48 million and also a bonus contract of $6.67 million. In his Rookie year, he received the name PFWA All-Rookie team. 

In 2019 Lewan announced through a video that he was suspended from the games because of taking a banned substance. But then he was reinstated from suspension on September 30 which was activated on October 4. 

Where does Taylin Lewan live?

Taylin Gallacher is the maiden name of Taylin Lewan and she lives with her husband Taylin Gallacher and kids in Nashville. They are living a comfortable life as Lewan is making a lot of money because of his NFL career. They live in a place that looks green and serene and also have several chickens as pets. The family also has a dog as seen on their Instagram account.  

How many kids Taylin Gallacher has? 

Taylor Lewan and Taylor Lewan wife have two adorable kids named Wynne and Willow. Many pictures of the family are available on the internet and it seems that the Taylor Lewan family is close-knit.  

Is Taylin Gallacher on social media? 

Taylin Gallacher is active on her social media accounts. She has over 12.5k followers on her Instagram account. She frequently posts beautiful pictures of her daughters Wynne and Willow. Also, she posts pictures of her husband when he is busy playing the games. 

How is Taylin Gallacher relationship with her husband Taylor Lewan? 

Whenever Taylor Lewan does penalties in the game his wife roasts him. The latest example of this funny moment was when Lewan was playing Week 10 against the Kansas City Chiefs. On the first drive of the second half, Lewan pushed the defender of the opposite team which resulted in the unnecessary roughness call. Then again during the next play, Lewan committed a holding penalty for which he received 20-yard reception by Jonnu Smith. These two penalties were not the only follies of Lewan because he later got pinched for a false start. It brought his penalty total up to three in the second half. 

After the game, Taylin Lewan roasted her husband for his penalties with an epic Instagram post that received several likes. It was also screengrabbed by AtoZ Sports Nashville. She posted a picture that showed Lewan wearing a yellow dress and it had the words “When you think Halloween is over”. This shows how great a relationship the husband and wife have because other than his wife no one can roast Taylor Lewan. Later Lewan himself apologised for the team making penalties. 

Another thing that shows that Taylin Gallacher is supportive of her husband is when she talked about the injury he got on the field. She shared that it was one of the scariest moments of her life. Her husband has carted off the field after he suffered an injury during the game against the Buffalo Bills. He was laid motionless on the cart for a few minutes which was hard for his wife to watch. But later it was announced that the player was able to move but he was getting evaluated for a concussion. 

Taylin Lewan got beside her husband as fast as possible to check how he was and she thanked the Tennessee staff for it. She also said that her husband had the spirit of a cockroach because you can’t kill it. After all, he was asking to go back and play on the field. She later tweeted that her husband is alright on Twitter and thanked all the well-wishers. 

What is Taylin Lewan doing? 

Taylin Lewan is the co-founder of Feeding Nashville along with Hayley Hubbard who is the wife of Tyler Hubbard from Nashville country duo Florida Georgia Line. She hosted an event at Franklin’s new FirstBank Amphitheater in August. So this shows that Taylin is a busy woman because she does many events like this for the benefit of Nashville. 

What is the networth of Taylor Lewan? 

Taylor Lewan as an Offensive Tackle in the Tennessee Titans is earning a lot of money. He has signed many worthy deals with the team that has made his networth huge. He has a whopping networth of $3 million. 


Taylor Lewan is lucky to have an amazing wife who cares for him and his family. Taylin Gallacher is a great woman because she has time for her work and also for her family. Their relationship is strong and can stand the test of time as the couple always find time to be with each other.


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