Telling someone they inspire you- Gratitude

How many times do we ever come up and express our gratitude and heartfelt love for someone? Why does complimenting somebody feel like a challenging task to do? Speaking out loud about how we feel about our self and towards others too. It has been such an underrated emotion for ages. At times we are so silent to keep our feelings to ourselves in a box that says it out aloud seems to be a difficult job to do.

A simple word of appreciation like ‘thank you’ or telling someone they inspire you can make a big difference to someone who is struggling in their battles at times. Confessing to someone you are an inspiration to me not only releases motivation and good vibes to yourself, but you are also rewarding someone for their efforts that have taken to strengthen themselves.

If we look around among a group of people that we know we can find so many inspirational stories to cherish of. They can be our parents, teachers, friends, family members, and colleagues, and even unknown people that we come across on a day-to-day basis. Personally speaking, they all must have inspired me at some point of time in my life.

In past for many of us, we must have felt low and bad about our life that we had lost hope on any good outcomes to look forward to. It was at such times that our loved ones; listen to us, support us, encourage us, and motivated us not to give up and march ahead with a new beginning. To them today, I would like to say thank you for being an inspiration to me at my bad times and believing in myself. 

Show your Love

When you let them know you have inspired me you are reflecting upon the changes they have brought by influencing you. So we are acknowledging them for their acts and the change. Moreover, that they bought in us which gave us the right direction to move ahead. Thus expression of our feeling and gratitude for someone should be heartfelt as well as with utmost sincerity. There are so many ways on how to tell someone they inspire you, of which some are as below:

Shower them with compliments: The most simplest and touching way of telling someone they inspire you is by giving them compliments often. To ensure that your compliments are rather direct. Also, clear for them to be an effective and long-lasting gesture. Moreover, for those who have been your inspiration.

Praise them in their absence: While appreciating someone in their presence is quite common. But when we praise someone in their absence and get to know about it. This is altogether a different impact on them. Acknowledging the fact you are such an inspiration to many is what you feel about them to more people makes them even happier.

Offer some kind of favors: Continue the leagues of being an inspiration by doing kind deeds to someone you know or unknown. Such little gestures go a long way to making others feel special if not loved. 

Personalize it!

In a world full of hate and anger built due to frustration, expectations, and even depression; it is important to be inspired for better. And once you identify what to say to someone who inspires you; you recognize their efforts with affection and respect. To make sure that your thankful message is received well; do keep in mind the following points:

Share: If you happen to come across someone’s inspiring stories or someone inspired you, do share with others. Today with the influence of the internet and social media, it has become so easy for all of us. Further, to share such content for the public to view and take note of. By doing so, you are telling someone they inspire you paying your tribute to your inspiration that motivated you to do something better.

Say it with a thanks note: For someone who has heard you out patiently and encouraged you to move ahead of your hurdles, the least we can do for them is leave a ‘thank you’ note for them. If these people are far away from you; call them and say it personally or drop an email. The best and my favorite way of doing it is – your handwritten note telling someone they inspire you.

Pay It Forward: Experience that comes from within is the best example to spread the word. When someone has inspired you in many ways, that have changed your personality or life path; talk about telling someone they inspire you. Others can learn by example and a cycle of keeping the inspiration alive among all continues. Your success story can change others’ life too!

Slow Down: Be careful of what is put up over the internet or news and filter the best and accurate version of it. One should not fall into trap of ‘believe it all. Moreover, that is shown on the internet and verify for them what is real. Being aware and educated of what we are consuming helps us remain satiable.


Our inspirations and role model are the best version of ourselves that we aspire to be. Such people have typical inspiring characteristics like humility, compassion. Also, are full of positive thoughts and allow others to become their best version. They constantly motivate and challenge us to give our best shot and achieve great success in life. For this, telling someone they inspire you deserves well. It helps to light the spark in us. Also, be as enthusiastic as possible and dedicate our best course of action. If we all have such well-wishers in our life we are blessed. We should be proud to look up to someone and let them know you inspire me to be better as it is a great feeling after all.

Thereby, keep sharing positive vibes wherever and whenever possible, you are inspiring someone. This is the best feeling to get inspirations from unexpected and ensure personalities.


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