The New Pokemon go blue aura – Everything you need to know

Pokémon go is always exciting with new Pokémon variations. Today, Pokemon go blue aura is trending on the internet. Many gamers are just unaware of why they see Pokemon go blue aura in their game. Anyone can tap the Pokémon ball to see their collections in the game. The collection panel has two categories of Pokémon and also the Pokémon eggs. This list has the entire CP, sprites or any other passions in your game. You can check out your current possessions by just tapping the ball option. 

Further, while checking this list many trainers are seeing a new aura. The blue shade aura is confusing to many. Many want to know what this blue aura can do. There are various icons for this blue aura such as the Horsea, Cubbone and staryu. Many believe that this Pokémon will have special power and stats. Some players spread rumours about this Pokémon. However, let us see what is really behind this blue shade aura. Also, let us know about the features and stats of blue aura Pokémon go. 

The truth about blue aura Pokémon Go

During the first few days of the game many gamers that Blue aura is a new type of Pokémon. Some thought that it is the most powerful Pokémon with many stats and powerups. Also, few even went to the extent of believing that it has something to do with Ditto. What is the blue aura around Pokémon in Pokémon go is a trending question for many gamers. 

However, gamers are not able to get the right answer to their question. Now you need not worry about what is the blue aura in Pokémon go. It is none other than the freshly such Pokémon in your game. If you have a new Pokémon in your collection then you can see a blue aura surrounding the Pokémon. In case you are thinking that blue aura is a new Pokémon then it is not true. 

All the Pokémon that are collected recently will have a blue colour aura around them. In some systems, this blue aura might not occur. This makes some gamers keep thinking that blue aura is a special Pokémon available only to some. However, all these are just rumours. The blue aura in the recent Pokémon collection will fade away within 24 hours. The Pokémon collections will look normal again without any blue shade after one day. 

The need for Pokemon go blue aura

The Pokémon Go developers included the Pokemon go blue aura for many reasons. Many think that it is an unnecessary addition that confuses the gamers. However, there are several benefits of this Pokemon go blue aura. There are many varieties of Pokémon in the Pokémon Go game. This lessens the clarity of Pokémon in the collections list. Many players are unable to identify the Pokémon that have caught recently. 

Also, many Pokémon gamers keep nicknames for their best collections. To make it easy for the gamers there is the launch of a blue aura. When there are the Best Pokémon evolutions in future you can differentiate the new ones from the old collection. Also, without the blue aura, people have the confusion about when they caught a specific Pokémon? This makes the gamers open their game cards to check the date they have caught it. To make all processes effortless the Blue aura is helpful. 

The best Pokémon with the best power-up in Pokémon Go 

There are many Best Pokémon in Pokémon go to power up. You need not have to wait for a new Pokémon with a blue aura or other evolution. Your Pokémon Go game has some of the best attackers. Let us see what they are now. 

SHADOW Mewtwo 

Mewtwo is the best Pokémon as many gamers agree. The CP of this Pokémon is exceptional. The ultimate CP is 4000 which offers legacy attacks for the viewers. Also, the major feature of this Pokémon is that it can tolerate even huge damages.

Further, Effective damage tolerance is one of the benefits of this Pokémon. Attack Boost, Defense and other qualities of this Pokémon make it the best. If you have caught this recently you can see the Pokemon go blue aura in your collection list. 

Mach amp 

The powerful attacker in the game is Machamp. It is the best Pokémon as it is strong when it comes to defence. There is a special advantage to pursuing this Pokémon. Moreover, close combat and chop are some of the powerups in the game. Many of the best defensive moves are available in this Pokémon. 


The unique type of Pokémon available in the game is the Kyogre. It is one of the Pokémon that comes with great attacks powers. There are hydro pumps and surf in this avatar. Super effective damage control is a feature of this Pokémon character. 


The Groudon is a Pokémon character that has a double weakness. Due to this many think that it is not a strong Pokémon. However, it is an avatar that comes with a double fire punch and other powerups. The unique moves of the Pokémon make it powerful. 

These are the best Pokémon that can help you to perform the best attacks in the game. When catching anyone of the above avatars you can expect Pokemon go blue aura. Also, the Best way to catch Pokémon go is to make the throw perfect. Perfectly throwing your Poke ball can help to capture Pokémon Go easily. 

How many Pokémon to catch in Pokémon Go? 

Many gamers have major questions about how many Pokémon to catch in Pokémon Go? Many think that there is no exact number but you can catch any number of Pokémon. However, there is a limit to the Pokémon you can catch. In the first generation of Pokémon, you can catch about 151 Pokémon. However, the possible Pokémon you can catch is 142. When you catch any new Pokémon you can see the Pokemon go blue aura. 

Pokemon go blue aura is a trending question among gamers. To know the answer about its significance you can find the above article useful. 


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