Understanding the roles of business water suppliers

Water-saving Regardless of whether it is a water supplier, retailer, or provider, they mean the same thing. Businesses are now looking for ways to save on their water bills so that they can improve their bottom lines. After all, with the energy crisis affecting most businesses, it’s a good idea to save money for your business. The good news is that with the open water market, business water suppliers are now offering competitive water rates. Therefore, if you see that your business water bills are high after implementing water saving strategies, then you should switch water suppliers. You need to compare business water suppliers before making the switch. This article discusses the roles of water suppliers.

Responsibilities of business water suppliers

Business water suppliers are supposed to offer accurate water bills, wastewater, and drainage services. They should also provide a customer services function that can resolve customer issues. Besides, they need to do physical meter readings so that they can measure the water your business used.

It’s worth mentioning that a business water supplier is not responsible for operating and maintaining the water network. Instead, regional wholesalers operate the water network. This means that they can fix issues that may arise with your water supply. And, if there happens to be an interruption to the water supply, your business water supplier can contact the wholesaler to resolve the problems.

You can check your business water bill to know your current water supplier. The water supplier refers to a company that charges your water and wastewater services. But if you recently received a business water bill or you relocated to another business premises, you can contact a business water broker. They usually have experts who can make a quick check using your business premises’ address to identify your business water supplier.

Switching business water suppliers

Keep in mind that you can now switch business water suppliers. You can switch business water suppliers if you desire to get better customer services and save money. The water industry has  water suppliers and water wholesalers. As explained earlier, water wholesalers refer to the water companies that supply clean water to your business premises. When there is an issue with your water supply like a leak or water meter, the water wholesaler is responsible for fixing the problem.

In other words, wholesalers are responsible for the entire water infrastructure, especially in your region, so you cannot switch water wholesalers. A business water supplier buys water directly from water wholesalers in bulk. They sell it to business customers in the whole country. You can switch business water suppliers by putting your business premises postcode into a business water broker’s smart address finder to start the switch.

Remember that a business water broker may also require other details, such as the contact details and SPID number. When you submit these details, they can compare  water suppliers to help you choose the right one. You need to choose a business water supplier with a good water tariff. The broker usually manages the switching process on your behalf.



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