Vizio vs Hisense : which brand is superior?

Vizio vs Hisense are the two best TV selling companies in the United States of America. Further, both Vizio and Hisense are known for low prices and quality. However, these two companies are different in certain features.

Read through the article to know more about Vizio and Hisense. Further, the article will include information about is Hisense better than Vizio.

A brief history into the companies

In the first place, before we answer the question Vizio vs Hisense, let’s see the company’s history.

To begin with, Vizio Inc is an American public limited company. It was founded in the year 2002. The company was founded by William Wang and two of his founding employees. Further, Vizio brand TV is based in Irvine in California. Furthermore, the company is famous for designing and selling smart TVs. It is also famous for selling the best TV at a low price in the United States of America. Apart from television sets, the company also sells sound bars and viewer data in America.

  • Hisense

On the other hand, Hisense is a Chinese multinational company. It was founded in the year 1994. Further, Hisense began its journey in the industry as a radio manufacturer. Earlier the company was making and selling a radio named Red Lantern. In other terms, before manufacturing television sets the company designed radio. Furthermore, the company headquarters is in Qingdao, Shandong in China.

Apart from TV sets, the company also sells Smartphones, AC, Washing machines and Ovens. Lastly, Hisense operates all over the world. It is one of the biggest electronic manufacturing companies in the market.

What is the best TV brand?

To answer the question – What is the best TV brand, we need to compare the Vizio brand and Hisense’s important features.

Vizio vs Hisense

  • The first feature to compare between Vizio vs Hisense is the quality of the build.

In the first place, both Vizio 58 inch TV and Hisense TV sets are good in terms of quality. The design and build of the television set by both the companies are good. Despite selling TV at a low price, the companies don’t compromise on quality. Further, the companies use simple designs to manufacture their TV set. Additionally, the TV parts are made of metal and plastic, making them sturdy. However, Vizio TV is less sturdy in comparison to Hisense.

  • The second feature to compare between Vizio vs Hisense is picture quality

The most important feature of television is picture quality. Further, the quality of the picture determines the viewer’s experience. Vizio TVs has a higher contrast ratio that results in better picture quality. Further, the design of the TV is such that it results in providing a better dark screen. Further, Vizio brand TV offers better distinguish between the colours. So, in simple words, is Hisense a good TV but Vizio is better in terms of picture quality.

  • The third comparison between Hisense vs Vizio is features

The third most important thing to consider when buying a TV is features. Both the companies produce smart TV with great features. However, the operating system of a television set determines the user experience. Here Vizio TV uses its operating system called SmartCast.

On the other hand, Hisense uses the universally accepted operating system Android. There is no doubt that Android is a user-friendly operating system. Further, navigating through Android TV is simpler. But Smart Cast is not as good as android. Though the company is updating its operating system, it lacks in certain areas.

Apart from this, downloading apps from a Google play store on Android TV is easy. These apps can be used to stream unlimited videos and shows. But Vizio SmartCast is limited in terms of downloading apps. The operating system doesn’t support all Google apps. However, the recent V-Series of Vizio smart TV includes Google Assistance.

  • The fourth feature to compare between Vizio vs Hisense is price

Usually, a common person would decide on which TV to buy based on price. However, if you need 4K TV technology then it tends to be costlier. But both Vizio and Hisense provide smart TV is a low price. These companies are unknown in the market for selling TV at the lowest possible price. Yet, the build quality of their television set is good. However, the Hisense TV set is less in price in comparison to Vizio.

Further, Hisense TV sets are comparatively less in price even for a larger TV. In other words, Vizio 58 inch TV is costlier than the Hisense TV set of the same dimension. In simple words, if the price is the deciding factor to buy a TV, then Hisense wins in terms of cost.

  • The last feature to compare between Vizio vs Hisense is gaming

These days nobody buys a TV just to watch movies or shows. Today, customers want smart TV that supports various apps. They enjoy streaming online videos from various OTT platforms. Apart from this, the customers also need a TV that supports gaming.

Furthermore, Hisense is better when it comes to gaming. It is because Hisense TV includes a low lag feature. This feature of the TV set allows for fast-moving videos. This is essential for fast-moving videos like action movies and sports. Apart from this, the feature is also essential for gamin. Hence, Hisense is a better model TV for gaming. But the Vizio TV set doesn’t include built-in quality that supports gaming like Hisense.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Hisense is the best smart TV brand in America. Further, Hisense TV includes the best features and high-resolution picture quality. Further, Vizio is excellent when it comes to picture quality but they lack in terms of price. Hisense sells their TV sets at a low price with good features. Further, Hisense includes Android OS that is easy to use and supports Google apps.

So in simple words, Vizio vs Hisense smart TV, Hisense is the winner.


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