What is Mariana’s web and the mystery of the dark web on the internet? 

Do you know what’s Marianas web? It is the deep and dark part of the internet hence its name came from the term Mariana’s Trench. As Mariana’s Trench is the deepest in the world most of the species and other things available in the trench are still unknown. Plus, it is also very hard to travel inside the Mariana Trench as the water pressure under the sea is so high. Mariana’s web is also deep but still, many internet users do not know what actually exists in it. 

Today we use the internet for many things such as communicating, searching, for entertainment, finding nearby places and faraway places and more. A lot of things and information are available on the internet and many people have access to it. Many people think that they have seen many things on Google, Youtube, Bing and Facebook. They think that they know it all. But these parts of the internet are only the surface web. We have never gone deep into it. Mariana’s web is one such place and there are different dark web levels on the internet to reach Mariana’s web. 

Do you know that these only have 4% of the information on the internet? There are different layers on the internet starting from the surface level. Then arrives the layers like Bergie web, Deep web, Charter web and then Mariana’s web. It seems even after Mariana’s web other layers go even deep. So what is the deepest part of the internet? Who invented the dark web? Is deep web true? are the questions that come to our minds. No one has clear answers to such questions. Here you can know all the facts and information about Mariana’s web. 

What’s Mariana’s web? 

Mariana’s web is the darkest corner of the internet. The dark web is the place where no one knows what happens. It is also a dangerous place to visit like entering a neighbourhood where dry lords, traffickers, thieves, and hackers reside. Also, It is also where people buy pirated movies with bitcoin. Further it is one of the top ten places in the world that instils fear in the minds of people. 

Mariana’s web is also spooky because many illegal experiments on humans happen here and sold to the highest bidders. Further, there are many myths revolving around Mariana’s Trench people say that an AI that knows all controls it. Many say it holds secrets to Atlantis, a database of archives of powerful intelligence agencies, Vatican secret archives and more.

What are the different levels of the internet? 

  • Surface level 

The first level on the internet is the Surface web. It is what we use every day in our lives and the first level of the internet. It can be accessed easily through normal ways like with Google Chrome and Firefox which are web browsers. Most importantly, through these people can access sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Wikipedia. It is indexed by search engines like Google, Ask, and Bing. 

  • Bergie web 

The second level is the Bergie web and one can access it through a proxy, Tor or by modifying the hardware. At this level, you will be able to find some underground but still indexed websites like 4chan. Plus, this is the website where anonymous users post. It is an imageboard website. 

  • Deep web 

The deep web is a level on the internet where the search engine can index sites. One can access it through a proxy. It has CP, core, and hacking websites. But the second part contains sensible information. Further, one can access it through Tor (The Onion Router). It is a browser that many use to enter the deep web anonymously. The connection bounces off like a bouncer ball in the Tor network. 

  • Charter web 

The Charter web also has two parts. The first can be accessed through Tor. It is one of the most accessed parts because activities like human trafficking and drugs, banned movies and other things in the black market happen here. Also, the more and more one goes in; more restrictive and private sites appear. 

The second part is the Dark web. One can access it through the hardware modification known as the “Closed Shell System”. This is where the dangerous place of the internet begins. Further, it is the area where lots of terrible content appear like hardcore CP, Child Pornography, and experimental hardware information. Further much shocking detail like “Law of 13”, World War 2 experiments and the mystery of Atlantis. This is the area where people buy drugs, guns, and other illegal things in the market. 

Do you know what hard candy dark web meaning? It is the place on the dark web where horrible people enter to view child pornography. Also, many videos are available here and call it candy dark web. 

Similarly, another word used is the red rooms dark web. It is the area where many drug dealers, traffickers, robbers, and hackers enter to do their business. Further, many people try to enter these areas on the web to buy and sell illegal kinds of stuff.

  • Level six 

Level six is the intermediary between Marianas Web and level 7. This is a dangerous place because once you reach it is similar to reaching a cave of robber, thieves and killers. Also, it is the causal internet meeting place of drug suppliers, criminals and killers. So if someone knows you have entered this place they may find and kill you. 

  • The Fog / Virus Soup

This is typically like a warzone because people fight to enter level 8. They try to overthrow the other to enter the deepest parts of the internet. Plus, lots of valuable information are available here and are prone to misuse. It contains lots of codes that can ruin other people. 

  • Primarch system 

This is the last level to reach Mariana’s trench. It is the place controlling the whole internet. No Government has control of it. Also, super deep web scans discovered it in the 2000s. No one seems to know what is in here. 


Knowing about the dark web on the internet and the secrets of Mariana’s web is definitely spooky. Many people find this interesting and curious to know more but it can be dangerous to enter these areas on the internet.


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