Everything you need to know who ruined Mr Beast

Who ruined Mr Beast is the talk of the town. The mr beast is a popular video series that is winning the hearts of many viewers. People are enjoying the humour in the program. It is already a popular program with more than 100 million subscribers on social platforms. The cast and crew are doing their best to recreate the squid game.

Wining the squid game challenges is a part of the game. But, some members are losing continuously in recent videos. This makes the viewers discuss who ruined Mr Beast. Karl Jacobs, Chris Tyson and Jake are popular casts in the video. The Mr Beast fans claim that some of the casts are losing the challenge that ruins the video.

There are many speculations about which members are responsible for it. The cast who lose the challenge in this video program leaves the recording that is similar to a real squid game where players die after losing. If you are a Mr Beast fan then that ruined Mr Beast is an important question to know about. Therefore, let us take a look at everything you need to know who is ruining the show.

Possible cast members who ruined Mr Beast in public view

Many arguments point to few cast members for ruining the Mr beast show. There are plenty of causes for these blames for these individuals. However, here you can find who is closely related to this blame. The below cast are experiencing much hate. All of them have more hate or they have left the show without proper cause. 

It is turning all the blames on these actors. Some think that it is Karl Mr beast or Marcus Mr beast member for this. However, some arguments also favor both Marcus mrbeast and Karl mrbeast. Still, you can take a look to decide who ruined Mr Beast.

  • Karl Jacobs 

Karl Jacobs is a co-creator of the mrbeast. He is a new addition to the team. From 2020 he is a part of the popular video show. Karl Jacobs is known as a college graduate when the successful team of mrbeast wants him to be a part of it. Also, he is doing the camera work of the show as well as being a creator. Dropping college and joining this gig is providing more popularity for him.

The younger audience of the show considers Karl as a humour brand. He has an exceptional appeal towards young audience. The presence of Karl Jacobs is a reason for the high success of this show. Some of the older audiences think that cringe comedy does not suit him. Gradually, hate for his character is growing when the gaming creator is talking Karl out of the show. Some claim that there is jealousy that is cause for his dropping out of the show. Most of the fans claim that it is cringe and childish comedy that is ruining mrbeast.

 However, few fans say that it is not the first time Karl Jacobs is taking such inappropriate blames. Many of the fangs think that Karl Jacobs is cute. Also, some argue Karl Jacobs’s cute-looking guy may not be responsible for it. If you are a Karl Jacobs fan there is information that he is not the one ruining the show. Still, many favor the fact that he is the one who ruined Mr Beast.

  • Marcus Pearson 

What happened to Marcus from mrbeast is popular on the internet. Many do not know why he left the show and where he went. However, he is a part of the cast and crew of the famous Mr Beast. The reason for leaving the show is mostly due to personal issues. However, his recent post on Instagram has shaken many fans.

He starts to accuse mrbeast of spreading coronavirus in the sets. Also, due to race issues, he is choosing other career options that working in mrbeast. After his post, many are thinking whether Marcus is the one who ruined Mr Beast. Apart from his drinking issues, Marcus is a cast who did not win any of the mrbeast challenges. Due to these reasons, fans are thinking that he is responsible for ruining.

However, many claim that he has no connection with it. If you are still thinking about what happened to Marcus from mrbeast the answer is that he is concentrating on other career options. Also, many fans can see him active on social media platforms.

  • Jake Franklin 

Jake is another important cast member of the mrbeast. He is a famous YouTuber with plenty of popular vlogs. Also, he is a good friend of Jimmy Donaldson creator of mrbeast. Many of his fans refer to him as Jake the Viking. His long beard earns him this name from the fans.  Why Jake leave mrbeast is a discussion among many of his fans. Unlike other casts who are taking the blame for ruining the show, he has won many challenges.

However, many are still suspicious why did Jake leave mrbeast. It is raising questions that he is responsible in some way for ruining the show. Extreme hide and seek is the last challenge his fans got to see Jake. Along with Jake, his Youtube group has left in 2020. 

In an interview, Jake himself confirms that restrictions on free time are cause for leaving the show. He does not blame anyone in the mrbeast cast as there is no one bad there. After his direct answer, many do not bale Jake for ruining the show. Also, many of his fans miss his presence in the video. 

Who has higher hate from fans for ruining the show? 

Most of the hate is targeted towards Karl Jacobs. In recent days, the video quality of Karl Jacobs is poor. The long problematic history of Karl is affecting his reputation. However, there are still fans who support him. Many even say that they watch mrbeast only for Karl Jacobs. There are both good and bad sides to this story. 

Besides this, there is a surprising thing happening in the interest. The apology of Karl Jacobs is viral than people blaming him for cringe comedy. There is a diversion on the part of Mr Beast viewers due to his apology. Karl Jacobs confronts his fans that he owes an apology and this should not stop his fans from supporting the show.

 All he wants to do is spread positivity and comfort on the internet. Karl Jacobs taking the blame on himself is doing well among the haters and his fans. The speculation about who ruined mrbeast is slowing down on the internet. 

The result on who actually ruined mrbeast 

There is a particular member to blame for the ruin of mrbeast. These cast members who are on this list have fans worldwide for their appearance in the show. Still, many want to see their comeback on future videos. 

However, it is still unknown that anyone of these members will work again in Mr Beast. The viewers are making the fact clear that it is not Karl Jacobs, Marcus Pearson or Jake ruining the show. Some of their actions might have affected video quality in recent years. 

There are plenty of new exciting things waiting for the viewers of mrbeast. New challenges and content will continue to amuse. Who ruined Mr Beast is creating criticism on the show and fans. However, the new video and content of Mr Beast will go viral in the next few years.


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