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Youtube or Yt is a video-sharing service. Even if you just have basic knowledge about the internet and smartphones, you will be aware of Yt. At present, it is used extensively for the entertainment process. However, you cannot deny that it has been a platform for many people to exhibit their talents. Also, yt is being used to gather information and stay inspired. This is reason enough to go in for yt download.

More about Youtube

The launch of youtube was in 2005. But, you must admit that the site has attracted users within a short time. Also, it has over one billion users who log in regularly. Why is it so popular? It is owing to the online video content.

Further, it is videos of common people. You get to watch amusing clips of dogs, cats, etc and also showcase the special talents you have. You stand a chance to be noticed and reach greater heights in life for all you might know. That is why most smartphone users will go in for yt download immediately after buying a phone.

Reasons for the popularity of Yt

  • You can use this website easily. That is, both for using after YT download and uploading videos.
  • There is a possibility to upload a video blog or Vlog. This is because youtube shares some revenue it gets from advertisements with you. Further, you will be able to earn money as well.
  • The videos you may upload will be converted to Adobe Flash video format. Therefore, the file will have an extension FLV. Further, you will now be able to view the file on your computer or smartphone through the youtube flash player. Furthermore, the flash player can be installed on your device for free.
  • You also have the scope to embed youtube videos on other websites. So, what is the benefit? You need not host the video on your site. Further, it will help reduce the bandwidth. Also, it is as simple as copying and pasting a part of the HTML code.
  • The videos and vlogs you upload will reach a large audience.
  • Information gathering, entertainment, etc. is possible with yt download. Further, it is a good platform to market and advertise your product.

YT download

As mentioned earlier, youtube is an excellent video platform. There are millions of videos to keep you engaged. Further, you will get to see thousands of new clips uploaded daily as well. Despite this, you also have the facilities to locate the videos related to topics you want to watch. It will be done in a quick time. This is because you can use gesture shortcuts. Let us consider the steps in yt download

Downloading YT to android devices

The youtube download is free. You may download the app. Alternatively, you might visit the website with a browser and click on the download icon.

How to download videos from Youtube?

Downloading Youtube videos to your phone or tablet is simple. Before we consider the step-by-step process, let us consider the conditions for downloading the same. You can download videos from youtube  

  • If you are a premium youtube member
  • select country or region where video downloads are allowed is where you live
  • To download the video you uploaded

The process to download videos to watch offline

Follow the simple process

  • First, go to the video Watch page
  • Below the video, you will find a bar. Tap the download 
  • icon. Alternatively, you may choose Tap more and download too.
  • You will get to know that the download is complete when the downloaded icon turns blue.

How to download YT on iPhone

You might be aware that an iPhone comes with restrictions. Of course, it accounts for iPhone owners’ high level of security and privacy. But, remember that it is possible only in the iOS 8.0 version or higher. If you wonder how to download yt on iPhone, here are the steps.

  • Select the video you want to download on the youtube
  • There will be three vertical dots next to the video name. tap on it.
  • Then, follow it up with share>Copy link
  • Now, switch to Safari and open
  • Double-tap. This will help paste the URL
  • Next, set the file type
  • Finally, tap on the download icon and download this video option.

Alternatively, you may download apps like Ease US Mobi Mover, converter app, etc.

How to download a song from Yt?

Are you wondering how to download a song from yt? You can do it easily. Also, it is free. However, you need to follow the steps for the same.

  • Step one is to convert or any other online tools for download.
  • Now, you have got to copy and paste the URL of the song. you want to convert it into mp3. Now, click on the download button. The tool will search for the song video.
  • Choose the Mp3 you want in the drop-down.
  • Now, hit the convert button. The time required for this will vary depending on the file size and your internet speed.
  • Once the MP3 file is ready, you will see a notification on the screen. Click on the click here option to download the audio to your desktop.

However, you may also consider using 320 youtube, MP3 , etc for the downloading purpose too.

Downloading YT playlist

You can download yt playlist too.

  • First, get the 4K video downloader
  • Now, copy the link to the playlist from the address bar
  • Then, paste the link
  • Tap on the download playlist
  • Choose the quality and format you want
  • Finally, tap on the download button.

Youtube studio download

You will be able to manage youtube channels with the Youtube studio App. Additionally, you will be getting access to access analytics and statistics. For yt studio download, you need Android 4 or higher. However, it is free. Visit the download youtube creator site for android. it is the official tool for downloading the app. Then click on the download button. You will get a notification when the download is complete.

To sum up, you will have videos on how to download youtube on different devices. It will be easy to follow. When you do that, you will get to enjoy all that youtube has on offer for you in terms of entertainment, showcasing your talent, and passing important information.

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